The Top 5 Benefits Of Solar Energy

Solar panels are more popular than ever – and they are also more affordable and more productive than ever before. Obviously, those two trends are related, but there are many other basic, underlying reasons why “going solar” is a smart move to make for Florida homeowners.
Here are the top five reasons why adding solar power to your home energy repertoire is the wave of the future (and present!):

1. Solar Installation Is Fast And Easy
You can quickly access complete, affordable solar installation services these days and have your new solar panels and accessories up and running in a matter of days. And with solar lease programs, solar loans that let your own your panels immediately and get the full value out of them, and various federal, state, and local rebates, tax credits, and discounts – it is easier than ever to arrange installation on the financial end.

2. Sunlight Is “Free,” Endlessly Renewable Energy
Anyone concerned about reducing their carbon footprint will be glad to hear that solar panels produce no pollution – and apart from the energy expended to manufacture them, they do not increase your fossil fuel consumption.

There’s no question that solar is hard to beat when it comes to sustainable energy.

3. Solar Panels Increase Your Home’s Value
When you opt for solar installation on your roof, you add value to your home – often $10,000 to $20,00 worth. Far from making you hesitate to add solar panels, the fact you may eventually move means that your home will be more valuable and more attractive to a lot of potential buyers.

4. Decentralization Of Your Energy Needs
There’s a lot of talk about the nation becoming energy independent, but individual homeowners can do much the same thing.

When you produce your own power, you become more independent of the utility company and more in control of your own personal “energy policy.” Additionally, you will be much less affected by rising electric costs as the market goes through its ups and downs.

5. Save More Money!
This is the most obvious reason and the biggest reason that people go solar, but we saved it for last. You can not only reduce your monthly electric bill – or maybe eliminate it with enough panels rightly placed on your rooftop, but you can actually sell excess electricity back to the power company and make money off of them!

Plus, solar production takes place during the daytime, coinciding with peak usage – especially when the AC is running high during the hottest hours of Florida summer days. And you can store power in solar batteries for later use.

If you are considering adding solar panels to your roof or ground-mounted in your yard, contact Central Florida’s premier solar installation experts – Sheegog Contracting, today for a free consultation and estimate!


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