Three Major Options For New Roofing In Florida

There are many reasons for replacing the roofing on your Florida home or business. It may be they are badly deteriorated, past their warranty and/or life expectancy, have been damaged severely in a hurricane or other storm, or you are getting ready to list a property.
Whatever the reason for re-roofing your building, selecting the roofing material is obviously one of the biggest choices you have to make in the remodeling process.

There are dozens of popular roofing material options today – more than ever before, and we can’t go over them all here. But here are the basics on three of the most common types of roofing used by Florida homeowners.

1. Three-tab Asphalt Roofing Shingles
The most common and most affordable type of roof material today is by far three-tab asphalt shingles. This option is easy to install, adequate for most purposes, and able to last 20 or more years with normal maintenance.

Each shingle consists of fiberglass or another sturdy material overlaid with asphalt. The asphalt may have various admixtures to enhance its durability, and it is usually covered with fiberglass granules that can be painted various colors. The granules also help reflect UV rays.

The three-tab design is standard and creates a layering effect, much like the way scales are arranged and overlapped on a fish, to promote quick shedding of water. These shingles are fairly lightweight and offer good wind and fire resistance.

2. Dimensional Asphalt Shingles
A step up on three-tab shingles are dimensional (architectural) asphalt shingles. They have all the benefits of ordinary (three-tab) asphalt shingles but more.

First of all, they have a more three-dimensional appearance that adds substantially to your home’s curb appeal. They also last longer – usually 25, 30, or more years. And they stand up even better to the elements, like high winds, heavy and frequent rainfall, excessive heat, and lots of UV light exposure.

While dimensional shingles cost a bit more, you also get more out of your investment. It’s a trade-off, but to many Florida homeowners, it’s well worth it.

3. Clay Tile Roofing
Clay tiling is a style of roofing that literally goes back to ancient times. It was very popular in Spanish Florida and in the Spanish and Mexican Southwest in earlier times in the US, and its appeal has allowed it to spread throughout the states these days.

Clay-tile roofing comes in many varieties of shape, size, and color, adding “character” to a house. And aside from its nostalgic and appealing look, clay tiles are also valued for being extremely durable. They easily last 50 years, and sometimes they last for 100 years or more.

The weight of clay tiles helps them to withstand very strong (even hurricane) wind speeds. And clay is also a very good choice as to energy efficiency. However, your home must be able to support the extra weight of clay tiling, which could mean adding support beams. And this isn’t the most inexpensive option either.

If you are in need of new roofing for your Central Florida home, it pays to explore all your options and do some research on each roof material that interests you. If you have any questions about three-tab, three-dimensional, or clay tile roofing (or other materials), feel free to talk to the experts at Sheegog Contracting today.

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