Time For Roof Replacement In Winter Park, FL? What To Know Before You Start

Winter Park roof replacement is a big job, and most homeowners don’t go into it lightly.

Roofing manufacturers often advertise that their products last for 30 years or even longer. In Florida, however, this is usually not the case. The combination of rain, wind, and severe heat can age a roof before its time.

It is not unusual for a Winter Park shingle roof to last just 20 years – and perhaps even less.

When you are thinking about replacing a roof, the key is to choose the right timing. If you replace your roof too early, you are giving up on years of continuous service. Wait too long, and the roof will accumulate damage. Hefty repair bills can eat into your finances before you have the chance to replace your roof.

So, a little preparation is in order before you make a decision.

Your Roof Affects Comfort And Safety Throughout Your Home In Winter Park

Your roof plays a crucial role in keeping your home and family safe.

Of course, an intact roof keeps everything inside safe and sound. But the roof also has other effects on your whole home. For example, the roof determines if heat is flowing naturally through the structure and escaping from it properly. With a damaged roof, hotter air can become trapped in your home.

This leads to a stifling, uncomfortable atmosphere. Along with sweltering summer heat, it can be unbearable!

Your roof is also a big contributor to how hard your air conditioner needs to work. The style and color of your roof are factors in whether it absorbs or repels heat. The more solar radiation your roof can repel, the easier it is to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This reduces electricity use.

In some cases, a new roof in Florida may mean hundreds of dollars in energy savings.

With all this in mind, you don’t have to wait until the roof is clearly deteriorating before you decide on Winter Park roof replacement. Your new roof is an investment in your home, and you can actually enjoy savings if you choose the right roof for you. Over time, you may recoup the entire cost of your new roof.

But is now the right moment? There are some signs that suggest the answer is “yes.”

5 Signs You Need Roof Replacement In Winter Park

Luckily for all of us, it’s very rare that a Winter Park roofer sees a roof that’s completely destroyed.

Barring the most serious summer storms, roofs don’t simply fail all at once. Instead, they show their age in much more subtle ways. It is easy to overlook some of these signs until they really start to add up. Likewise, your own desires and plans for your home can influence whether now is the ideal time for roof replacement.

Let’s look at five signs that it’s time for roof replacement in Winter Park:

1. Your Existing Roof Is Aging Out

Florida building codes are some of the most stringent in the United States. They received a major overhaul after Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Even Central Florida communities far from the coast see the benefits of these codes.

As a result of these high standards, your roof will usually have two layers of guarantees:

  • A manufacturer’s warranty against defects for the roofing materials used
  • A roofer’s guarantee of workmanship for the roofing installation itself

The manufacturer’s warranty can protect you for a year, five years, ten years, or more. Some roof warranties are very limited and specific, putting most of the responsibility on the roofer. Others are relatively generous. Of course, roofing brands that stand by their work will tend to offer longer guarantees.

A roof that’s about to lose these protections may be nearing the end of its life.

You can bet manufacturers work hard to figure out exactly how to structure their warranties and guarantees. They know that if they offer repair or replacement costs beyond a certain period, they are much more likely to lose money. Use their knowledge for your own benefit and take deadlines into account when replacing your roof.

2. A Roof Inspection Uncovers Serious Issues With Your Roof

A standard shingle roof should receive a roof inspection every year, preferably before storm season kicks off.

On the other hand, some Winter Park roofing options – like metal – can get inspected every other year.

Whatever the case, though, forewarned is forearmed when it comes to roofing problems. You will not usually get much warning that your roof has a problem. Instead, it will simply spring a leak when harsh weather strikes.

A professional roof inspection means you can take action before you end up with a big repair bill.

Winter Park roof inspections usually include a complete review of the roof and the attic. Your roof and attic are intimately interconnected: Ventilation problems in your attic can cause your shingles to “bake” from below. This makes them weak and brittle, causing them to warp and making them more likely to fall out.

When a roof inspection turns up trouble, the next step is to price out the roof repair.

If roof repair costs are starting to climb, be sure you understand how much you can expect from your old roof. Sometimes, you will find a complete Winter Park roof replacement is the better investment for years to come.

3. You Need To Repair Your Roof To Sell The Home

Most of the time, mortgage lenders require a complete home inspection before they will release funds to a buyer. The roof is one of the biggest aspects of the inspection. Even if the lender signs off on an older roof, a buyer will often think twice before choosing a home where a roof replacement is imminent.

If your roof has five or fewer years of service left, it may need to be replaced if you want to sell.

Regardless, it’s always best to hear the truth about your roof rather than have it pop up unexpectedly in a third-party inspection. If you have the facts in advance, you can prepare yourself (and your real estate agent!)

What’s more, a brand new roof can add thousands of dollars to your home’s final sale price. A new roof not only looks better, but it gives peace of mind to Winter Park home buyers. That helps you with your own plans, too.

The alternative to fixing a weathered roof is usually listing a home “as-is.” While this can work sometimes, it’s an immediate red flag for most savvy buyers. You will always have to work uphill against the assumption that something is wrong with the property. That leads to a longer listing period and a lower selling price.

In many cases, it is simpler easier to get your roof replaced!

4. You Want To Update Your Wind Mitigation

Wind mitigation credits can reduce the cost of your homeowner’s insurance by a staggering amount.

If your home has a full suite of wind mitigation options, you could find yourself saving hundreds of dollars on your insurance every year. And, of course, every improvement in wind mitigation makes it more likely that you’ll get through our fearsome Atlantic hurricane seasons without a scratch.

But there are two important caveats about wind mitigation:

  • There are many different aspects to wind mitigation, each one offering a relatively small savings
  • Some features that offer hefty discounts can only be installed when the roof is being replaced

Wind mitigation is universal in Florida, and you can benefit from it even if your home is nowhere near the coast. Some Winter Park residents are saving more than a thousand dollars every year thanks to wind mitigation. That can offset the costs of a new roof and make the economics work in your favor.

Ask your favorite Winter Park roofer about wind mitigation that can be performed during standard roof repairs or inspections. With attic access, your roofing team may be able to update how your roof is secured to the rest of your home. Photos are then sent on to your insurer to calculate your savings.

5. You Want A Completely Different Type Of Roof

Naturally, if you want a totally different type of roof, there’s only one way to get it!

Most Winter Park homes have shingle roofs. Shingle roofs are relatively easy to repair and come in a wide range of colors and styles. Still, there are plenty of exciting options that each offers their own advantages.

At Sheegog Contracting, our roofing pros can install:

  • Shingle
  • Metal
  • Tile
  • Clay
  • Concrete
  • Flat Roofs

We are often asked what type of roof is best. The truth is that any roof with quality materials and installation will serve you well. However, your needs and preferences influence what kind of roof will really offer the greatest value. If you’re going for roof replacement, you should choose an option that’s worth the effort to you.

What Type Of Roof Is Best In Winter Park, Florida?

There’s no one “best” type of roof – but that also means there are few ways to really go wrong.

Let’s take a closer look at the options and when they work:

1. Shingle Roofs In Winter Park

A shingle roof is the most popular option for residential roofing in Winter Park and elsewhere in Florida, too. People are used to the classic look of a shingle roof, and they can choose to blend in with the neighborhood or make their own style statement. There is definitely something to be said for knowing what to expect in a roof.

The average shingle roof in Winter Park will last from 20 to 25 years with appropriate maintenance. Shingles can easily be replaced in the event of damage. On the other hand, shingle roofing requires more attention than some other types of roof. You should get your shingle roof professionally inspected every year before June.

2. Metal Roofs In Winter Park

Metal roofing in Winter Park is gaining in popularity quickly. It was not really that long ago when metal roofs were most common on industrial or agricultural buildings. Now, residential metal roofing in Winter Park can last for anywhere from 30 to 50 years. That equates to skipping one entire roof replacement in the home’s lifetime.

Depending on the metal roof design, it can offer a variety of other performance features. Metal roofs are great for reflecting solar radiation, which makes it easier to keep your home cool while running the air conditioning less. They are highly resistant to wind, rain, algae, and moss, and completely fireproof.

3. Tile Roofs In Winter Park

Tile roofs in Florida are particularly noteworthy in coastal communities, especially those with a more Spanish flair to their architecture. Those “wavy” roofs with relaxed, sinuous curves are tile roofs. Over the last few years, tile roofing in Winter Park has seen a resurgence. Tiles are usually made of ceramic or slate.

Like shingle roofs, roof tiles are nailed down with roofing nails. This makes them easy to take care of. They are highly durable and offer extreme longevity. They are also fire-resistant and very effective at buffering your home against high winds. Plus, their breathable construction results in better ventilation and insulation.

4. Clay Roofs In Winter Park

Clay roofs can come in the form of clay tiles and offer the advantages listed above. They are a common part of the “Mission” style of architecture in South Florida. Clay roofs are easy to maintain and generally have a low cost of ownership. They handle extreme heat easily and do not expand or contract as much as other materials.

5. Concrete Roofs In Winter Park

Concrete is another tile option, and it has significant benefits here in Florida. Concrete is the heaviest roofing material the average person will ever encounter. This makes it uniquely suited to endure the most extreme rain and windstorms Florida has to offer. Unlike other roofs, concrete is at very low risk of wind uplift.

It is not unusual for a concrete roof to last 50 years, putting it shoulder to shoulder with metal for longevity.

6. Flat Roofs In Winter Park

A flat roof can be made up of a wide variety of roofing materials. Flat roofs are energy efficient and usually cost less to install because less material is used in their construction. A flat roof can be an ideal first step toward a deck, rooftop garden, and many other home features that make the most of your space.

Flat roofs are usually avoided in cold climates because they are more likely to be weighed down with snow over long periods of time. Luckily, they’re just right for Florida, where this isn’t a problem. The average flat roof lasts about 20 years and should be inspected once a year, just like a shingle roof.

What Time Of Year Should You Replace Your Roof?

Fall and winter are the best times of year to replace your roof in Florida.

If you have the option, avoid replacing your roof in summer at all costs!

The reason is simple: You want your roof to be in the best shape possible before hurricane season. Replacing a roof in summer can also take longer than in other seasons because it can be 40 degrees hotter up on the roof than it is at ground level. Roofing teams may need to work shorter shifts for safety reasons.

Of course, if your roof is damaged and needs immediate care, don’t put it off. Sheegog Contracting is here to help you, rain or shine!

Think You’re Ready To Replace A Roof In Winter Park? Call The Experts

At Sheegog Contracting, our goal is to make Winter Park roof replacement easier than ever before.

Our team will be glad to visit you and inspect your current roof so you have the facts. We will go over all of your roof replacement options to balance your budget with your desired look and performance qualities.

We give you the facts and support you every step of the way. To find out more or get started, contact us.


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