Top 3 Home Improvement Projects That Can Boost Your Home’s Selling Price

Looking for homeowner tips? Look no further!

It’s no surprise the majority of homeowner tips out there focus on helping you get the most money for your home. The real estate market is moving fast, with plenty of sellers reporting record profits for their Central Florida properties. It’s an exciting time to get involved!

Once you know there’s a home sale in your future, the next step is to make sure the home is ready to make a splash in the market. Targeted updates and upgrades can have a major return on investment, but you want to make sure you choose projects you can get done in a reasonable timeframe.

No one can predict the future, but changes in the housing market are a sure thing. While it looks like smooth sailing for Central Florida residents who want to sell right now, that could change if you wait too long. On the other hand, choosing home improvements that are just right nets you a pretty penny.

So, what are the best home improvement projects in Central Florida?

Read on for some homeowner tips that will knock your socks off!

1. Update Your Florida Room

A Florida room, also called a sunroom, is one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of nature while still staying close to home. Florida rooms are particularly appealing to people who move here to the Sunshine State from up north. You can attract plenty of motivated buyers by making sure yours looks its best.

The biggest “tell” that a sunroom is showing its age is damage to the screening.

It’s important to have recent, high-quality screening so you can truly enjoy your sunroom. The right screening helps keep pests like mosquitoes out while ensuring that you can fully appreciate the breeze. And, of course, it makes the entire space look much newer and nicer, all for a modest investment.

Think of it as the equivalent of throwing a new coat of paint on your exterior and interior walls. There’s likely nothing to paint in your sunroom, so this is the next best thing. And just like a few gallons of paint can add thousands of dollars to your final sale price, a snazzy sunroom has the potential to attract the perfect buyer.

2. Repair and Replace Drywall

Drywall is used all throughout the average Central Florida home.

You can find it most often in bedrooms and living rooms – where it’s used the most – hallways, and kitchens in places other than the backsplash. But a special variety of moisture-proof drywall is also frequently seen in the bathroom. It can even turn up in finished basements and garages.

There might even be drywall in your attic and closets!

Considering drywall is just about everywhere you look, it’s kind of puzzling it doesn’t often get much attention, even during renovations. This is one of those homeowner tips you’re not likely to see elsewhere: If you want to impress buyers, make sure you get drywall replaced.

Think of it like this: The same way your “curb appeal” makes a big impact on buyers, the state of your drywall is a way they gauge the condition of the rest of your house. When the drywall looks good, it’s a positive sign that much of the rest of the structure is probably in good condition, too.

3. A New Roof in Central Florida

Thanks to our expertise in Central Florida construction, we can help with the two projects above.

But the best advice is also one of the most common homeowner tips:

If you want to impress buyers, get a new roof!

It’s never been more important to have a good roof in Central Florida. Insurers are dropping policies left and right because of “aging” roofs. What do they consider old? The cut-off seems to start at ten years, just half a shingle roof’s maximum lifespan. That’s got buyers feeling anxious, too.

Buyers want to know they won’t have to invest in roof replacement any time soon. Roof problems are among the biggest issues that can stop a sale in its tracks since they’re sure to be noticed when the buyer orders a home inspection. You can’t get around it by selling a home “as-is,” because most buyers will flee.

We’ll handle your roof installation or roof repair in a matter of days so you can keep your sale on track. With documentation showing your roof is brand new, you get plenty of negotiating leverage with would-be buyers.

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