Top 5 Benefits of Roof Replacement That Make it a Worthwhile Investment

Roof replacement is an investment that many homeowners spend months working their way up to. However, the benefits have never been clearer – and the sooner you decide to take action, the sooner you’ll enjoy them.

In a world where the weather often seems harsher than ever and insurance companies spend more time looking for ways to cancel policies than honoring them, a new roof is the fastest way to get peace of mind.

A home is only as safe and secure as its roof, and that’s especially true here in Florida.

Look at all the benefits of roof replacement and you’ll soon see that not only does it pay for itself, but it is even more valuable the sooner you do it. That’s one reason why we make things easier with our in-house financing.

If you’ve been thinking about roof replacement, but you’re not sure it’s right for you, now’s the time to do the research. By looking at all of the advantages you could gain, you might see that now is the time to take action.

As Central Florida roofing contractors, the trusted experts at Sheegog Contracting have this conversation with our customers many times a year. But we don’t want to pressure you – just give you the facts you need to make an informed decision. By researching online, you’re taking the right steps for your home and family.

Let’s look at the biggest benefits of roof replacement in Central Florida:

1. No More Worries About Your Central Florida Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

It’s true: Insurers can drop your policy because of the age of your roof.

What’s more, they are actively searching for opportunities to do just that.

Most roofing manufacturers claim that their products will last about 20 years, but that’s not necessarily true here in Central Florida. The hot heat of summer combined with rough conditions during hurricane season weaken Florida roofing much faster than roofs in many other places throughout the United States.

If you have a shingle roof – as most Florida homeowners do – it’s best to get it inspected every year. A roof that is fifteen years or older has passed its prime. Unfortunately, the facts of the roofing trade aren’t good enough for today’s insurers. They may pull a policy when the roof is just ten years old.

What happens if you lose your homeowner’s insurance? It isn’t pretty.

If you are currently paying off your mortgage in Central Florida, your lender requires you to have homeowner’s insurance – it’s part of how they protect their investment. If a standard insurer won’t provide you with a policy, the lender will step in and buy one on your behalf. That may cost double or triple what you’re used to.

And those excess costs are passed directly on to you.

With a new roof, you can rest assured you won’t have any homeowner’s policy problems relating to your roof’s age. In fact, there are some improvements (such as wind mitigation) that you can only make during roof replacement. A Central Florida roofing contractor can document these for you so you can submit them to your insurer.

In the end, you might even find your insurance premiums go down.

2. The Opportunity to Reduce Your Roof Maintenance Costs for Years to Come

There are plenty of roofing options out there beyond shingle, and many of them have performance qualities you can’t get anywhere else. By choosing the right new roof, you might slash your roof maintenance costs in half. That amounts to thousands of dollars over the total lifespan of your roof.

For instance, residential metal roofing is becoming more and more popular.

A residential metal roof stands up to the elements much better than even the highest quality shingle roof. It is so strong that you can get away with having it inspected every other year instead of every year. Even direct hits from huge hailstones generally leave it with superficial scratches that don’t require roof repair.

In the event you do need roof repair, Central Florida metal roofing makes it simple. You never need to replace the entire roofing system. Instead, your roofing contractor can simply remove and replace the panel that has the damage. The surrounding panels can be tested for structural soundness and left in place.

Metal roofing is also known for its ability to reflect solar radiation – about 50% of all solar energy that strikes the roof. That keeps you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer while ensuring your HVAC system works less. Our customers report saving hundreds of dollars during the peak summer heat.

And metal roofing isn’t your only option to save on roof maintenance.

Just like a metal roof, a clay tile or concrete tile roof won’t “bake from below” as shingle roofs can. And due to their exceptional weight, they are virtually immune to wind uplift – a serious hazard that can cause the inside of a Central Florida home to implode because of the differences in air pressure.

When all is said and done, the right new roof virtually pays for itself over time.

3. Greater Curb Appeal and Higher Home Values for Eventual Sale

Thanks to Florida’s widespread Homestead Exemption, raising the value of your home has fewer downsides and plenty of upsides. A superior quality roof is one of the fastest ways to add thousands of dollars to your home’s appraisal – and it will also wow buyers when they come to take a look.

Your home’s roof is its biggest single surface. It contributes even more to that all-important first impression than the door or the front yard. If your roof is more than ten years old, you can rest assured that there are beautiful color options and even better materials than you were able to use for your previous roof.

Besides, it will help you avoid one of the biggest issues that can stop a home sale in its tracks.

Savvy buyers are sure to have a home inspection at some point in the process. Most mortgage lenders require it and even independent investors want to be sure they are getting their money’s worth. Even if you market your home “as-is” (which many buyers see as a red flag) they are bound to investigate the roof sooner or later.

Your new roof is an invitation to buyers, letting them know that they won’t need to worry about replacing it any time soon. The roof is just as vital as the plumbing and the electrical wiring in helping a buyer truly imagine the possibilities that a property offers. And without a new roof, you could find yourself at the negotiating table.

When you want to sell, days count. Homes that stay on the market for more than 30 days are more likely to get sold for less. Those that stay on the market for 60 days or more often end up re-listed. Don’t let your life plans get delayed: Head problems off at the pass by investing in your roof right now.

4. Making Money Directly from Your Roof with Solar Power

Florida isn’t known as “The Sunshine State” for nothing! It is one of America’s solar power capitals.

Although there are still some states like Arizona that have traditionally had more solar panels, Florida is seeing some of the fastest solar growth in the country. Solar panels are getting more cost-effective to produce and are more efficient than ever before. You can drastically reduce your energy bills.

Many Florida homeowners suffer every summer when their cooling bill rises by $100, $150, or even more per month. With solar panels, you have the opportunity to cut your average bill to a small fraction of what you’d expect today. Depending on the rules set by your utility, you could even make money.

While the average person with solar panels won’t be using it as a huge second income, it can definitely amount to thousands of dollars in savings over time. Before you know it, your integrated solar energy system may have a tremendous influence on your ability to pay for the roof you want.

Up until recently, solar panels could be a risky proposition because they were mounted separately from the roof material. The existence of these mounts meant there was a structural weak point that could be directly affected by the weather. Panels could become warped or cracked, and repairs tended to be expensive.

With GAF Timberline Solar, you have a thoroughly modern solution.

GAF Timberline Solar is part of your roofing material itself, with no separate mounts or fasteners that could be torn down by the wind. The flat profile not only makes the system stronger but helps to improve its efficiency so it captures more energy throughout the day and meets more of your electrical needs at night.

5. Protecting Your Home from Whatever Mother Nature Throws At It

It comes as no surprise to a longtime Florida resident that the busiest season of the year for roofing comes after a hurricane. Experienced roofing contractors find their phones ringing off the hook. Schedules can become so full, so fast, that storm damage repair might take a few days to get done.

Your roofing investment today could protect you from this worst-case scenario tomorrow.

For example, did you know that most homeowner’s insurance policies require you to put up a waterproof tarp as soon as you notice damage to the roof? Without doing so, you could be on the hook for whatever happened, even though you aren’t at fault. The stronger your roof, the less you’ll have to worry about problems like these.

No roof makes you 100% immune to storm damage, especially when it comes to a monster Category 5 hurricane. But the better and newer your roof is, the more likely it is you’ll come through without a scratch. And if you do find yourself needing to wait a day or two for a professional roofing contractor in Central Florida, then your new roof will help limit your damage and your ultimate liability.

Needless to say, insurance adjusters are much happier to see new roofs than old ones.

With all these advantages and many more, it’s no wonder why more Central Florida homeowners are taking the plunge and getting roof replacements. With Sheegog Contracting, roof replacement takes as little as one full day. We’ll work around your schedule from start to finish using the proven Five-Step Sheegog Roofing Process.

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