Top 5 Reasons For A Roof Repair Need

Your roofing is the capstone, the crown of your house – it is one of the most important things protecting your family, your personal property, and your home’s interior from danger. You just can’t afford to “let it slide awhile” when you are suddenly in need of a roof repair.
There are dozens of causes of roof damage to be aware of. But the great majority of repair needs stem from one of the following five causes:

1. Wind Damage
Both during and outside of hurricane season, Florida can be a very windy state to live in. And wind is a top cause of roof repair needs – by ripping off, breaking off, or loosening shingles or by impacting rooftops with falling objects and windborne debris.

Never take storm damage lightly! When roofing is disheveled, metal flashing moved out of place, or shingles bent back or even curled up from high winds, that’s a roof leak just waiting to happen.

2. Water Damage
Water is the second great enemy of your roof. Not only can water find an opening and penetrate your water barrier to cause damage inside, but moisture can get under the roofing and cause rot, mold, and mildew.

Heavy rain can both damage roofing and exploit any damage that already exists to make matters worse.

3. The Sun’s Heat
The relentless Florida sun can be yet another source of roof problems. In this case, the damage occurs gradually over a period of months or years. High heat can eventually weaken shingles – especially if you have no attic ventilation to reduce the effect.

Installing high-quality underlayment between singles and roof decking, using higher-grade shingles to begin with, and putting a radiant barrier in your attic ceiling to reflect the sun’s heat back out of the attic can all reduce the negative effects of extreme heat on roofing.

4. Ordinary Wear & Tear
Let’s face it – no part of a house lasts forever, and the roofing is certainly no exception. Old roofing can eventually “die of old age” due to ordinary wear and tear.

After 20, 25, or 30 years at most, asphalt shingles are going to deteriorate to the point they will begin to need frequent repairs, won’t reliably keep the weather out, and will become an eyesore instead of source of “curb appeal.” Plus, the manufacturer’s warranty will have expired. That’s when it’s time for a full roof replacement.

5. Fire Damage
After a home fire, your building can be devastated or even completely lost. In many cases, only a portion of the home was severely damaged, however, and it’s a matter of a restoration project instead of a brand new building.

In that case, you will likely need to replace a portion of the roofing shingles so they integrate in with the ones that survived the fire. Or, you may need to replace them all in some cases.

These are only a handful of the most likely reasons you may need a roof repair. But whatever the cause, be sure you move quickly before things grow worse and be sure to rely on a reputable, local contractor who will get the job done right in a reasonable amount of time.

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