Top 5 Times Roof Repairs Become Necessary

In Central Florida, there are numerous causes of roof damage, and it can happen at any time of year. But without a doubt, there are specific seasons and events that make the need for a professional roof repair more likely.
Knowing when the risks of damaged roofing are higher and when it makes sense to fully “spiff up” your home’s roof will help you prevent a minor repair from becoming a major one.

Here are our top 5 times when homeowners are likely to need a roof repair in Florida.

1. Right After A Major Hurricane Or Other Storm
When hurricane season hits in Florida, especially between September and November, rooftops all across the state can suffer serious damage. Sometimes, this means getting a whole new roof or re-shingling large portions of your roof. It could even include structural damage to the rafters and timbers.

Tropical storms, tornadoes, and severe thunderstorms can also rip off or tear up your roofing. And it doesn’t have to just be a single major storm that does it – a serious of medium-level or even small storms may gradually damage your roof bit by bit until it’s in bad shape by the end of the year.

It can be a good idea to get a roof inspection and take care of any necessary repairs before the onslaught of stormy weather toward the end of the year, but if your roof has taken a beating, definitely get an inspection and roof repairs after hurricane season has come to an end.

2. After Getting Pounded By Hail Stones
Wind and rain can do plenty of damage, but in the rare event that a hailstorm strikes the Sunshine State, roof damage may be extremely severe with long term effects.

Even when hail leaves only small dimples on roofing shingles, the impacts may have compromised the integrity of the shingles to the point they will soon fail in the months and years ahead.

This would then lead to leaks and missing, split, or broken off shingle tabs. It’s always best to get an inspection and replace hail-ridden roofing if the roof has lost its longevity due to the damage.

3. A Leak, Or Frequent / Recurring Roof Leaks
The most obvious time to call a roofing contractor for a repair is when you are experiencing a roof leak. Some leaks are slower and intermittent but don’t neglect to address them before they grow worse.

When a leak is fast and causing interior damage, you have a roofing emergency on you hands – call a local emergency roofer! When roof leaks start happening several times a year or the same one recurs again and again, you need professional attention and may even need a new roof.

4. When Moving Or Remodeling
If you have a roof issue you have been putting off for some time, and you are now in the midst of remodeling, that’s a perfect opportunity to finally take care of it.

Or, if you are planning on moving soon, you definitely will need to ensure your roofing has a full inspection, has no specific problems, and is relatively new to help move the sale.

5. When Your Roof Is Getting Old
Finally, asphalt roofing only lasts 25 years or so, in most cases, and the manufacturer’s warranty will eventually expire. When your roof begins to age, it may need more repairs, with roof replacement right around the corner.

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