Top 6 Roofing Facts You Need To Know

As a homeowner, you want to take care of the investment you have made in your home and do everything possible to get the greatest possible value out of it over the years. Being “roof-wise” is certainly a part of being a conscientious homeowner, given the immense importance of your roof to the well being of your building.
But in order to accomplish these goals, you are going to need some basic information on how roofing works – so here are the top six roofing facts everyone needs to know:

1. Shingles Have A Limited Lifespan
It might be nice to imagine that your roof shingles will last forever, but that’s obviously not the case. Most three-tab, asphalt roofing shingles are good for 20 to 25 years before roof replacement will become necessary.

Pushing your shingles too long can risk costly leaks and roof failures, especially during the next major Florida storm. Far better to replace roofing right on schedule!

2. A Bad Roof Can Break A Home Sale
Not only is a new roof a huge selling point for a listed home, but it is not uncommon for a roof in disrepair or that is known to leak at times to become a “deal-breaker.”

Don’t risk scaring potential buyers off by delaying roof replacement – a good roof can drive a quicker sale at a higher selling point.

3. Your Roof Needs To “Breathe”
There are many keys to getting the most out of your roof, but one that is often overlooked is adequate attic ventilation.

Air needs to flow below your roof deck so that warm, moist air can escape and allow cool, dry air to take its place. When condensation builds up in your attic, it can shorten the life of roofing shingles by making it harder for them “to breathe” – besides damaging rafters, drywall, and insulation.

4. Roofing Over Is Not OK!
Given that roof replacement is a significant expense, some people might be tempted to just lay down the new shingles over the old ones – “roof over.” But that is a big mistake.

Old shingles add weight to the roof, make it difficult to locate and fix roof leaks, trap moisture which leads to corrosion, and prevent the new shingles from laying fully flat, which shortens their life span. Plus, you are going to have to pay to remove two layers of shingles next time around!

5. Roof Leaks Can Be Tricky To Find
It is not uncommon for a roof leak entry point to be 20 feet away from where the water comes in on your home’s interior. Thus, it’s not always so easy as just going straight up and sealing an obvious hole.

Professional roofing contractors know exactly where leaks are most common and how to find them and fix them efficiently.

6. Roofing Systems Have Many Components
Some imagine that their roof is just shingles nailed to wood and that’s about it. But in reality, you have to have drip edge, flashing, underlayments, ridge caps, and other components all put together in the right way to form an effective barrier.

If any part of this complex system fails, it needs to be repaired quickly to prevent leaks and further deterioration.

Taking care of your roof and knowing when it’s time for full roof replacement versus a simple repair can be complex. For additional help in that vein, contact Sheegog Contracting today!


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