Top Factors In Choosing Roofing

If, judging by the current condition of your roof, it is time to replace the old shingles with some new ones, you have a big question to answer – which roofing material will you use? You can get a lot of information online, from friends and neighbors who’ve had their roof re-done, from roofing material manufacturers, and from local roofing contractors to help you make an informed decision.
But to get you started down the right path, here are 5 key factors that need to be addressed when you pick out new roofing material for your home:

1. Type Of Roofing Material
Most commonly, homeowners go with asphalt roofing shingles because they are adequate and cost less than other options. Asphalt has many virtues, including relative longevity and ability to stand up to the weather.

But some may prefer a higher-cost but longer-lasting alternative like a sheet metal roof, clay tiles, cement tiles, or natural cedar or redwood shakes. You just have to weigh the costs, quality, and durability in light of your preferences and budget.

2. Material Weight
Every roof has a structural load capacity, expressed in pounds per square foot, beyond which you must not go. You need to ensure that new roofing will not exceed these limits.

That means knowing the per square foot weight of the new material, NOT roofing over the old shingles which would double the load, and taking into account loss of load capacity that can come as a building gets older.

3. Weather Performance
Not all shingles stand up to the weather with equal results. Durability may be higher for some brands and makes of shingle. Some will endure the hot, hot Florida sun better.

Some roofing is rated for higher wind resistance, fire resistance, and water sealing than other options. Be sure to check these specifications and ask an experienced roofer which materials perform better.

4. Required Maintenance
Even if a material lasts as long as another, they still may not be truly equal. Both might have a 25-year life expectancy and warranty, for example, and yet one might require a lot more maintenance along the way.

Higher-grade asphalt shingles will need fewer repairs, which saves you more money, saves you stress and hassle, and lowers the risk of a roof leak causing expensive interior damage to your home.

5. Color & Patterning
Aesthetics are also a key consideration in selecting the ideal roof material for your house. Designer, architectural shingles that have a more three-dimensional look are one option. Some also like tabs that vary in length or are curved instead of straight-cut.

The patterning and color needs to be a good fit with the rest of your home’s ambiance. But also realize that darker shades will absorb heat, while lighter ones tend to deflect more of it – which could be a home energy efficiency issue.

Don’t fail to call on the experts for advice when searching for the perfect roofing material. In Central Florida, Sheegog Contracting can answer any questions you may have about roofing-selection as well as give you a free quote on installation!


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