Understanding Roof Replacement Costs

The cost of replacing a roof can vary greatly, based on a variety of factors. And yet, the cost of not replacing roofing that is weakening and showing its age can be greater – as water leaks in and damages the roof deck/rafters, attic insulation, drywall in ceilings and walls, and more.
Once you’ve decided it’s time to get a new roof, you naturally want to find a quality contractor and save as much money as possible at the same time. Here is some help in that direction.

How Is Roof Replacement Cost Determined?
There are three major factors that go into determining the cost of a roof replacement job: materials, labor, and disposal.

The amount (and type) of material needed will be stated in “squares.” A square is 100 square feet. Obviously, the larger your roof, the more it will cost to cover it with shingles. And it will also require more flashing, drip edge, and underlayment.

Labor isn’t determined, necessarily, on a strict square footage basis. If a rooftop is steeper (or flat), this could affect the price. And an abundance of dormers, valleys, rake walls, and other features that increase roof complexity (and roof work difficulty) may also have to be taken into account.

Finally, if you are having old shingles torn off and disposed of, then that is part of the work – plus, there may be local laws affecting how old shingles must be disposed of. And it can cost money to drop off shingle waste at the dump or rent a dumpster.

How To Save Money On Your New Roof
The first step in saving money on your roof replacement job is to do your homework so you understand what affects the cost. Next, you should comparison shop and get estimates from local, trustworthy roofing contractors.

Don’t just look for the lowest bid, however. You want quality work, and you should be willing to pay fairly for it. You can check on contractors through the BBB and/or Florida consumer protection agencies. Be sure your contractor is licensed, experienced, and has great local customer reviews.

Also, be sure to call your home insurance company, if you have one. You need a contractor your insurer will accept, and you need a quote that fits within the range of what your insurer is willing to pay.

You may also be able to get a discount by scheduling your roofing job off-season (in the winter, for example, instead of during the busy summer months). And if you are willing to take care of tear-off and disposal needs yourself – if you feel safe doing so, then that can save you some money as well.

Think Long-term About Roof Replacement
A final note: avoid the temptation to skimp in order to save when it comes to roof replacement. It isn’t worth it!

A poor installation job will result in leaks and the earlier and more frequent need for roof repairs. Far better to insist on a reliable contractor known for quality work and on quality materials, and then do what you can to save money without sacrificing quality.

After all, your roof is a big investment, and it’s worth doing right. It adds significant value to your home and protects everything in it.

For more helpful advice on roof replacement issues, feel free to contact Sheegog Contracting in Central Florida for a free roofing consultation and a free, no-obligation quote.


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