Understanding Your Roof, Layer By Layer

Your roof and your roofing are the only thing standing between hostile outside weather and your precious home’s interior. Every part and every layer of your “upper defense system” is important, and the more you understand how it works, the more you will appreciate the role roofing plays in protecting the investment you’ve made in your home.
The Nuts And Bolts Of Roofing
Your roof trusses support all the weight that sits on top of them, including the roof decking (plywood sheets) and all the layers of roofing attached to it. Strong framing is the foundation of it all – and you have to be sure the structural weight-bearing capacity is sufficient to support the full load.

Also important to making your roof function properly and last as long as possible is having proper insulation and ventilation in your attic. Without this, your home can have poor energy efficiency, your attic gets too hot, and your shingles overheat and wear out prematurely.

Next, there will be a layer of underlayment, often made of felt or fiberglass paper. This will cover the whole roof decking and reduce moisture problems. Special water barriers of the peel-and-stick variety may also be installed in the roof valleys and/or around the edges of the roof to further reduce risk of leakage.

The eaves may also have “shingle starter strips” that deflect water away from the roof so it won’t be driven under the shingles by driving rain. And metal flashing will be put at the eaves, around vents, around chimneys, and along hip walls and dormers to funnel water away from vulnerable points. Flashing is also needed around skylights and solar panels.

The roofing material itself is the last thing we mention. Asphalt roofing shingles comes in several different varieties, and choosing the better shingle will boost curb appeal, extend roof life, and reduce the risk of damage, shingle blow-offs, and leaks.

Assembly Means Everything!
We’ve focused so far on identifying the various layers and components that make up your roof and protect your home’s interior. But the fact is, there is more to quality roofing than just the right kind or materials.

Choosing a reputable, reliable contractor is key. Experience and conscientious care in installing each and every layer that goes on top of your roof will make a huge difference in how long it lasts, how effectively it functions, and how good it looks!

A great roof job adds thousands of dollars to the value of your property and is the very first selling point that most interested buyers will ask about if you ever list our home. Additionally, using a local contractor with a strong work ethic means getting the job done right the first time and in as little time as possible. It lets you breathe easy (peace of mind is priceless!), knowing your roof and your home are in good hands.

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