Water Damage: The Undesirable Alternative To Roof Repairs

Getting a roof repair done is never a pleasant prospect. After all, we may be loathe to admit our roof has a problem, worry about the cost, or fear the problem won’t really be fixed anyway. But the truth is, ignoring roof problems won’t make them go away – and if you choose the right roofing contractor, you can expect effective service at a reasonable rate.
The fact is, avoiding needful roof repairs only opens the door to a wide range of costly damage to your building. Water damage is a poor alternative to calling in the pros.

Common Forms Of Water Damage
How much harm can a little water do? You’d be surprised how much! Even small roof leaks, if allowed to continue for a long period of time, can have serious negative impacts. And sporadic leaks too will have a cumulative effect over the weeks, months, or years that they are allowed to continue unaddressed.

First of all, water getting through your roofing will rot away the roof decking or at least weaken it. It may also cause roof deck material to mold and nail heads that hold down shingles and underlayment to rust and come loose.

The damage can continue on the attic ceiling, and the water’s pathway may then lead to rotting rafters, mold and mildew on the attic ceiling or floor, and badly damaged (and now ineffective) attic insulation.

But water may also get into other parts of your home, either because a roof is directly above or because the water travels sideways once inside the building. Also, water can flow down from the attic directly onto drywall covering walls in rooms below.

You may see discoloration, peeling paint, or black mold forming in spots and streaks on ceilings, walls, and floors throughout your house. If you see a “bubble” on the ceiling, that’s where water is accumulating. You need to pop it after placing a catch basin below.

Warped hardwood flooring, stained wood furniture and molding upholstered pieces, sagging ceilings, a musty odor, puddling on parts of your floor, damaged window or door frames, ruined carpeting, and even danger of water contacting electronics and/or power outlets are all among the dangers posed by roof leaks.

Roof Repair Saves You Money!
Finding and fixing all roof leaks promptly, securing loose flashing in its proper place, adding roofing cement where necessary, and getting a roof inspection following a major storm (especially a hail storm) can ultimately save you money. It will also save you the headache of watching helplessly as your home is damaged by incoming streams of water!

Water damage can easily run several hundred dollars at a time and may reach in the thousands of dollars range in some cases. Whatever damage your home has already, perhaps, suffered will only get worse if you ignore the problem or delay till the next heavy rainfall.

And if you notice your roofing is getting a bit old and worn down, it may be time for a roof inspection or time to install new roofing. In the final analysis, the risk of assuming roofing is fine and doing nothing is far greater than that of proactively managing your roof.

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