What Can I Expect When Hiring Sheegog Contracting for my Roof Replacement?

When it comes to roofing in Central Florida, not all contractors are created equal.

Central Florida roofing is held to high standards, as you would expect from the state with some of the toughest roofing rules in the United States. Florida building codes have been second to none since Hurricane Andrew back in 1992. Those twelve days changed Florida forever, and are still reflected in today’s roofing practices.

To be a successful roofer here in Florida, you have to work even harder than you would anywhere else.

There are a lot of outstanding Florida roofers out there. At Sheegog, we’re thankful to each of our customers and those who consider choosing us. Even if you decide to work with someone else, we want to be sure you have the information you need to make an informed decision you’ll feel completely satisfied with.

So, we’d like to take the time to explore just what you can expect from a roof replacement with Sheegog.

The Right Roofing Skills Are Only Part of What It Takes to Deliver a Premium Roof Replacement in Florida

Make no mistake about it: A roof replacement is a big job. When you choose a team to do roof replacement, you shouldn’t be anyone’s “learning experience.” Instead, you should rest assured that all your roofers will treat your property with respect – and that they’ve done this dozens, if not hundreds of times before.

While there are many folks out there that know roofs, not all of them understand project management.

It takes experience to do a roof replacement in a way that is completely transparent and predictable. Newer Florida roofers may set out to do what they say they will, but they don’t have the insight necessary to price and plan the job accurately. That means cost and time overruns as well as other unwanted surprises.

Our years of experience in Central Florida roofing makes Sheegog Contracting uniquely qualified.

We are dedicated to the idea that everything about your roof replacement should be laid out in advance and in writing. Only when you have the facts from the beginning can you ask the important questions that let you pick the right Florida roofer for you. With that in mind, we’ve developed a unique five-part process.

That process is one of the secrets to our hundreds of successful projects and high customer reviews.

Here’s exactly what you can expect from Sheegog Contracting from start to finish:

Part 1: The Meeting

Everything starts with the meeting. It’s where we get the basic information on your needs and expectations.

During the meeting, we will get your take on the situation and the outcome you want to achieve from replacing your roof. The discussion takes place directly with your roof replacement project management. This is the same person you’ll be able to contact any time if you have questions or concerns throughout the whole project.

That’s right: Once you get started, you have a direct line to your own Florida roofing project manager any time.

As the meeting progresses, we’ll get input from you that shapes the rest of the project:

  • What is your timeline? Are there special scheduling considerations to know?
  • What features or performance qualities do you expect from your new roof?
  • What is your desired budget? Do you have any other concerns or questions?

We will cover a lot of ground in the meeting. But that doesn’t mean you’ll need to wait all day to get it done.

Our goal during the first meeting isn’t to get a sale. It’s to make sure you have all the facts you need to decide what to do next. In fact, our team members will never push you to make a final decision when the meeting is done. You can go forward right away or take as much time as you need.

It’s not unusual for customers to check with other Central Florida roofers and go with us in the end.

Whatever you need to do, we are on your side.

Part 2: The Scope

No one can accurately estimate the cost of a Central Florida roof replacement without first knowing the facts about the property. When it’s time to define the scope of work, that means sending qualified Central Florida roofers to survey the home or business in question. Of course, that also includes examining the existing roof.

The current state of the roof determines the best and safest way to remove it during the replacement process.

At the same time, we will be developing your options for roofing design and materials. Based on your goals and budget, there will usually be several options to choose from. Sheegog Contracting uses the highest quality of roofing materials and is not beholden to any one manufacturer. We sell you only the finest roofing products.

The scope of work is a key ingredient in what ultimately becomes the written project contract.

That means now is the time to ask any lingering questions and get full, satisfying answers to each one.

We will walk you through our decision-making process and give you all the pros and cons of the alternatives that are available to you. In addition to standard shingle roofs, we can also install residential metal roofs, several forms of tile roofing, and much more. Any one of these could turn out to be the best new roof for you.

Many of our customers take the time to compare metal and asphalt shingles before they jump in.

Once again, you are never expected to come to a snap decision. At Sheegog, we are willing to invest time in you as a member of our Central Florida community long before you become a buyer. After all, it is not your job to know everything there is to know about roofing: It’s our job to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Once the scope is worked out, you are a giant leap closer to having a brand new roof.

Part 3: The Plan

The plan is the heart of your entire project. It’s the promise we make to you as Florida roofing experts.

The plan is the complete written scope of work that includes everything we will do, when we will do it, and what it will cost. Our process is designed to minimize surprises. By doing a complete site survey, we ensure that we know the condition of your current roof precisely, so unexpected issues won’t develop later on.

The plan is a big step. It represents a commitment and the starting line to the final, all-new roof.

Our written plans are intended to be straightforward and easy to understand. We don’t want to drown you in a lot of legalese. Still, we know that some homeowners will want to refer the final contract to their lawyer before they sign on. We welcome any questions and steps you need to take to protect your interests!

Once you have the plan in hand, we do ask that you make a final decision as soon as feasible. This is because all our estimates are based on materials and labor costs that can fluctuate. When you sign on the dotted line, your plan is locked in for good and we will do everything in our power to make it happen exactly as stated.

We are so confident in our clear, customized plans that we will even meet with insurers on your behalf.

We understand the rules that go into making your new roof one of the best in Florida. So, if you need someone to advocate for you, we can help. Using the information from your site survey and any prior roof inspections, we can help you make the case that your new roof is a necessary part of keeping your home safe and sound.

Part 4: The Project

The project is where the rubber meets the road. It is where our skills and capabilities really shine.

And it is also where you will see the big difference in Sheegog Contracting customer service.

During the project, we will take care of everything:

  • If you want to be present or need us to work around your schedule, we can accommodate you
  • We will make sure all necessary equipment, such as trash receptacles, are ready to do the job
  • We will minimize any disruption to your property and treat everything of yours with respect
  • Once the job is done, we will carefully make sure all roofing materials and waste are removed
  • We will walk you through the work done and the roof system – we’re not done until you are

Before our team arrives on your doorstep, you will get a complete schedule so you know what to expect down to the hour. We will be in constant communication with you as needed to keep you informed. And any time you have a question or concern, all you need to do is direct it to your dedicated project management specialist.

With a full roof replacement, there may be safety steps you and your family should follow. We will make sure you know all about it well in advance of the project. Once the old roof has been safely removed, getting the new roof in place is a time-sensitive effort that takes all the skills of a tried and true Central Florida roofing pro.

Our goal is to do the job in one day no matter how big it might be. But even if it should take multiple days, we will always follow the strictest safety and quality standards. Our roofers are fully licensed and insured, so you don’t need to worry about unprofessional behavior or the possibility of an accident at your home.

We follow tough workplace safety standards to keep everyone safe from beginning to end, too.

Before you know it, it’s all done – and the roof you want transforms the look and feel of your house!

Part 5: The Follow Through

Once the new roof is in place, we will inspect all of the work that’s been done in accordance with our detailed roof inspection procedure. We have worked out standards for dozens of different parts of your roofing job. This is one of the top contributors to a stable, high-performance roof that can last for many years to come.

No matter if your project is big or small, we will make sure your property is left exactly the way we found it.

That includes making sure that any roofing nails, shingles, and other items are removed from your front and back lawn. When we are done, it will look like we were never there – except for your beautiful new roof, of course. We will walk you through every aspect to make sure it all meets your standards as well as our own.

And once the job is complete, we are still available for your questions and comments at any time.

We believe in life-long customer relationships, and that means striving to exceed your expectations every step of the way. When you see what Sheegog Contracting can do, we hope we will become your roofer of choice for a long time to come. And if there are any issues you need resolved, we will not stop until you are happy.

That dedication to quality is reflected in your roof!

Choose Sheegog Contracting for Central Florida Roof Replacement You Can Rely On

A good roof repair is done in a matter of hours, but roof replacement is a complex, multi-step process.

To protect your home, roof replacement has to be done as quickly as possible. At the same time, all the moving parts need to come together so the end result is excellent. Any time a new roof is installed, a single oversight can lead to leaks in the future. In the worst situation, the brand new roof ends up getting replaced.

With Sheegog Contracting, you get the work done right the first time. Every time. It’s as simple as that.

Our process is tried and true. It may seem like it would take a long time, but you are the one in control of the pace. When a homeowner is ready and raring to go with a new roof, the whole process can be done in a matter of days. If you need time to research and reflect, it may take a week or two. Our team is always ready.

No matter what, you can sleep easy knowing you made a terrific choice for your home and family.

You can see our process in action right now. To learn more or get started, contact us today.


We give our clients transparency, efficiency & quality workmanship.


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