What Constitutes A “Full” Roof Replacement?

Making the decision to replace your old roofing is a big move – and one that hinges on many important factors. But once that decision has been made, it only makes sense to save money and time by making it a truly “full” roof replacement.
Be sure to rely on a local contractor who will do a complete re-roofing job for you so you won’t have unnecessary problems down the road. Here are 4 things you should keep in mind as your “new roof” day approaches:

1. Never Go Over The Old Shingles
In years gone by, it was not uncommon for new roofing shingles to simply be put on top of old ones. The temptation to save a small amount of time and money short term by avoiding a messy tear-off often prevailed.

However, today “roofing over” is hardly ever done – and for good reason. It will shorten the life of your new shingles considerably, hurt the aesthetics of your new roof, and make it more difficult to find and fix any future leaks. Plus, you will eventually have to tear off two layers of old shingles!

2. Inspect & Repair The Roof Deck
After removing the old shingles and disposing of them properly, the next step is to inspect and repair the roof decking. With the roof already opened up, you have a unique opportunity to easily strip down the roof deck bare and carefully inspect it.

Old nails should be taken out of the roof deck, and any warped, cracked, softened up, or moldy plywood should be replaced.

3. Don’t Forget The Underlayment
A tough felt underlayment is a must when it comes to full roof replacement. Don’t rely on the old underlayment, which will likely be torn or weakened at points and will already have been in use for the recommended number of years.

High quality underlayment helps protect the roof deck from moisture and prevent leaks. It also helps prevent shingles from adhering directly to the roof deck as the asphalt melts and sticks in the hot, hot Florida sun.

4. Be Sure Your Flashing Is Adequate
Changing your roofing isn’t enough – you also need to ensure your flashing is present and fully adequate. It is possible that your existing flashing may be just fine and can be reused, but you can’t assume. Plus, you may want to take the opportunity to upgrade to a more effective flashing product.

Make sure the roof valleys, eaves, vent and chimney surrounds, and hip or rake walls are all properly flashed. This is a vital part of roof replacement and cannot be safely overlooked if you want to prevent potential leaks down the road.

It is wise to keep these four points in mind as you get ready to invest in roof replacement. Doing a “full” job is the only way to get it done right the first time. If you need new roofing in Central Florida, consider Sheegog Contracting – a roofing contractor with a strong local reputation for always doing quality, complete re-roofing work.


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