What Is An Emergency Roof Repair?

Any roof repair need should be considered urgent, as compared to most other home repair and upgrade projects. But, clearly, some roof jobs are more urgent than others. And the most urgent of all qualify as true emergencies.
Here are three different levels of roof repair urgency, beginning with emergency roof repairs.

What Counts As A True “Roofing Emergency?”
There are a number of specific situations that easily qualify as a roof repair emergency. Here are 4 key examples:

  • A tree, branch, or other falling or wind-borne object has smashed a hole into your roof. Part of the roof is now caving in, and there’s nothing to stop the weather and outdoor critters from coming inside your home.
  • A storm has torn off shingles and/or flashing or otherwise caused major leakage points on your roof. The water comes in fast and abundantly whenever it rains.
  • A section of your roof has been damaged so severely that a tarp has to be put over it to prevent expensive water damage. A temporary “patch” job may be needed as well to avert any further damage until the full repair can be completed.
  • A fire may have burned up a section of your roof. This can compromise the integrity of the roof deck and the roofing it bears, even when the shingles themselves are still intact. You shouldn’t delay at all to get this inspected and repaired.

What Is A “Semi-Emergency” Roof Repair Need?
Every leak is serious and calls for immediate attention, but some leaks are more urgent than others. A slow, small leak may call for immediately making an appointment with a roofing contractor but may not need same-day response and a patch job and tarp like full emergencies could require.

The danger of procrastinating on semi-emergencies until they turn into real emergencies is very real. It’s just human nature – you are able to “get by for a while longer”, so you do. The better course of action is to contain the problem while scheduling a roof repair visit as soon as possible.

What Are The Least Urgent Roof Repairs?
Relatively speaking, roof repair needs are among the most urgent (perhaps THE most urgent) on your whole house. But there are some roofing needs that are less urgent than the others.

For example, hail damage would require a quick visit from your home insurance agent and a roof inspection. Then, damaged shingles may need to be replaced because hail impacts weaken their long-term durability. But it’s not usually an emergency need.

Also, if your current roofing is showing signs of its age and is in need of replacement, it doesn’t have to be done tomorrow. But, the sooner you replace old roofing, the sooner you eliminate its inherent risks and gain important benefits like a long warranty, renewed curb appeal, and a more effective water barrier that will stay low-maintenance for years to come.

Realize that roofers can only go up on the roof when conditions are safe. If rain, high winds, or a storm are still underway – repairs can only be done when such dangers pass. However, you can move immediately to talk to a roofing contractor and begin setting a date for an inspection and repair.

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