What Is a GAF Roof-Integrated Solar System And Is It Right For Me?

From the Panhandle to Central Florida and all along the coasts, solar installation is on the grow!

Hawaii is America’s capital when it comes to rooftop solar installation, with states such as California, Nevada, and Arizona not far behind. However, Florida is expanding fast and makes it to the top ten.

With one of the longest, sunniest summers, Florida offers some of the highest solar capacity in the nation. That’s made even better here in Central Florida: With fewer rainy days than on the coast, modern solar panels can run at full efficiency longer and yield more energy as a result.

There are three big reasons for any homeowner to consider rooftop solar installation:

1. Direct Savings on Energy from Your Utility

Perhaps the best known and most popular benefit of rooftop solar installation is the chance to save or even make money with your panels. Depending on your location and the system you choose, you may find yourself saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year.

The sunnier your location, the more you stand to benefit!

Florida law is among the most welcoming in the country when it comes to selling back excess energy to the utility, too. There are no extra steps, paperwork, or hoopla to keep you from unlocking the full economic benefit of your solar panels – and that’s exactly the way it should be.

Small properties in sunny, unobstructed areas may draw most of their energy from solar.

2. A Chance to Do Well for the Environment

When you choose rooftop integrated solar, you aren’t just pushing pollution around from one thing to the next. You are actually reducing pollution because you won’t be drawing power from the local utility as long as your solar panels are meeting your household needs.

While utilities will continue to burn fuel, it means that they can distribute the power they produce to other customers. Every time a rooftop solar power system goes online in Florida, it means dozens to hundreds of other Floridians will be served at current or reduced levels of pollution.

We’ve all heard the advice to carpool or bicycle instead of driving and to travel by bus or train instead of flying. Oftentimes, however, even these best efforts will make only fractional differences once in a while. On the other hand, rooftop solar means choosing to reduce your household energy usage for life.

And you don’t have to twist yourself into a pretzel to change your lifestyle or reduce your quality of life!

3. Opportunities to Attract Buyers If You Sell

While many people are intimidated by the process of rooftop solar installation, few qualified buyers will turn up their noses at the opportunity to benefit from the work that someone else has already put in. Unlike other common Florida amenities like a pool or a screened-in patio, an integrated rooftop solar system is easy to maintain and offers ROI that will turn heads among even the most selective buyers.

With all these benefits and more, any homeowner who has the opportunity to consider rooftop solar installation should do so. As with any major building system, though, it’s crucial to make sure you are getting quality installation from a team of experts that will stand behind the work done.

That’s where Sheegog Contracting comes in with our expertise in rooftop solar installation.

Sheegog Contracting Is a Leader in GAF Roof-Integrated Solar Systems

Over the last several years, more companies have gotten involved in the development of solar roofing products. All in all, though, only a few excel in the area. When you are comparing rooftop solar, it’s critical to start with well-established brands known for the best quality roofing materials.

GAF – formally GAF Materials Corporation – is a world leader in roofing. Founded in 1886 and based in New Jersey, it is one of the oldest and largest roofing manufacturers. With sales near $3 billion and more than 3,000 employees at a network of dozens of plants, it is peerless in size and sophistication.

GAF was the first company in the world to offer a lifetime limited warranty on entire roofing systems that it produced. That move, back in 2012, made it a natural fit for Sheegog. We believe in quality you can count on, and GAF is one of our favorite brands.

To make sure you get the best roof-integrated solar panels available, our team has undergone hundreds of hours of training under supervision from GAF. By passing their extremely rigorous training program, we hold the distinction of being one of Florida’s few Certified Master Elite Roofing Contractors.

What the Certified Master Elite Roofing Contractor Distinction Means to You

In short, GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractors uphold the highest standards in the industry.

When you choose one, you know you are getting the best quality of service from a roofer you can trust. That’s important to Central Florida homeowners who may never have worked with a roofer before and aren’t quite sure what to expect. There are several core qualifications for Master Elite status:

  • Valid Florida roofing license and full insurance coverage with minimal or no complaints
  • At least seven years of industry experience with demonstrated excellence in results
  • Better Business Bureau accreditation and a clear history of strong customer care

In addition, roofers must undergo a rigorous training regimen along with continuing education and re-training. Ongoing education covers changes in rooftop solar technology and solar installation practices that occur over time. This way, your project always upholds modern roofing best practices.

If you have been on the fence about solar installation, Sheegog can get you the facts.

And if you decide to go with us, you’ll benefit from our proven roofing process and more.

GAF Roof-Integrated Solar Technology Is the Best on the Market

GAF will go the extra mile to make sure you’re satisfied, and so will the team at Sheegog Contracting.

But is the GAF roof-integrated solar power system any good?

In fact, it’s one of the best you can buy.

Three major advantages stand out when you choose GAF as your provider:

1. GAF Means Direct to Deck – Power and Precision Unmatched by Competitors

Previous generations of solar panels were poorly anchored. They could crack and fog under wind, rain, or simply because of rapid changes in the outdoor temperature. GAF put an end to these worries with the new direct-to-deck design. There are no extraneous racks for solar panels to sit on, so they are not subject to the same structural pressures. Plus, they shed water more easily than comparable products.

2. The GAF Warranty Gives You Built-In Protection for Your Solar Investment

GAF has long been the roofing industry’s leader when it comes to the best warranties. One reason why it’s essential to select a GAF Certified Master Elite Roofer is that you can benefit from the maximum protection in case of any defect or issue with your roof. Both the new roof and the integrated solar power system can be covered by the same comprehensive warranty, the best in the business.

3. The Savings from Your Solar Generation Can Pay for the System and More

The exact amount that you stand to save or make as a result of your rooftop solar system depends on a number of factors. That includes the weather, which Floridians know as well as anyone you can’t control. But that doesn’t mean you have to go into the decision uninformed. We will walk you through the details so you understand the return on investment and repay time for your roof work.

Still wondering whether rooftop solar is the right investment for you? Many Floridians don’t realize just how many tax benefits, rebates, and other savings opportunities they can unlock as a result of going with rooftop solar. Some homeowners will find themselves eligible to save tens of thousands of dollars.

Florida Is One Of The Best States In The United States To Install GAF Rooftop Solar

Florida isn’t called The Sunshine State for nothing!

Florida is among the 47 states that allow both residential and commercial customers who generate solar power to sell excess power back to the grid. The program has been so successful for homeowners that utilities are fighting tooth and nail to make it more favorable to them.

Florida’s solar power program is one of the oldest in the nation. It was initiated back in 2007 by executive order and passed the legislature in 2009. As of 2020, about 60,000 Florida homes and businesses were benefiting from rooftop solar. That number has only grown since.

In 2019, rooftop solar energy was up an astounding 62% from the year before.

A provision requiring most major utilities to provide expedited interconnection agreements with rooftop solar owners means that, if your solar generation exceeds your household needs, you will be able to see profit from your contribution to the grid very quickly.

The legislature has also been known to be relatively permissive when it comes to offering perks and benefits to Florida homeowners who pursue rooftop solar. Periodic rebate schemes and tax credits have the potential to reduce the cost of solar panels by thousands of dollars.

In any given year, the tax benefits package for solar can include three major prongs:

1. Florida Solar Property Tax Exemption

In Central Florida and elsewhere, property tax is a major consideration for many Florida homeowners. The tax structure often discourages improving or expanding upon your home because it can trigger an automatic reassessment of value that will lead to immediate costs in the coming tax year.

With the Florida solar property tax exemption, formally known as the Property Tax Abatement for Renewable Energy Property, homeowners are exempt from 100% of the total added value created by covered renewable energy technology. That includes solar photovoltaics and solar water heating.

Commercial enterprises in Central Florida and elsewhere throughout the state can also benefit.

Commercial, industrial, and agricultural properties are eligible to reclaim 80% of the added value as opposed to 100% for residential structures. Applicable thermostats, pumps, fans, and other devices that may be used as part of a renewable energy system are all covered under these exemptions.

2. Florida Solar Sales Tax Exemption

Florida is known as a relatively friendly state when it comes to taxes, with things like the Homestead Exemption saving Floridians thousands of dollars every year. Although the state does have a sales tax, you can find yourself exempt from 100% of it when you make a qualifying renewable energy purchase.

That amounts to a 6% savings on the total purchase cost of your system!

The Solar and CHP Sales Tax Exemption makes it easy to claim your savings. There is no maximum to the total incentive. Solar water heating, solar space heaters, and integrated rooftop solar panel systems are included. No matter what type of solar installation you are pursuing, it is likely to qualify.

In another trailblazing move, solar energy systems have been free from sales tax in Florida since 1997. Although originally intended to expire in 2002, this was consistently upheld by the Florida state legislature until it finally became permanent in May of 2005. It remains available for you to enjoy.

3. The Federal Solar Tax Credit

Rounding out the list is the Federal Solar Tax Credit, also known as the Investment Tax Credit (ITC).

The Investment Tax Credit can reduce the cost of qualifying solar energy systems by as much as 26%. This applies to system owners who make their purchase outright with cash or use a qualifying solar loan to complete the purchase. For the right buyer, this can amount to an extraordinary savings!

The Florida Solar Rights Act Gives You Even More Flexibility

In the early history of solar technology, there was a flurry of lobbying to make sure that the balance of power stayed firmly on the side of utilities. With the Florida Solar Rights Act, Florida set out on a course that makes it one of the most solar-friendly (not to mention homeowner-friendly!) of all states.

Enshrined in Florida Statute 163.04, the law forbids any organization whatsoever – including HOAs or similar organizations by any name – from prohibiting solar equipment use. This also pertains to deed restrictions, local ordinances, covenants, and any other kind of similar binding restriction.

In short, investing in solar power today means it’s yours for the life of your home.

No local regulatory changes can ever deprive you of the right to use your solar power systems. Not only that, but you even have the right to operate your property solely through the use of solar energy. Yes: Florida enables residents to live entirely off the grid while still using solar power if they wish.

No matter what kind of solar lifestyle you want, Central Florida is the best place to get started.

Sheegog Contracting Is Central Florida’s Most Trusted Name in Rooftop Solar Installation

When you choose roof-integrated solar from GAF, you’re getting both a brand new roof and cutting-edge solar technology. Unlike earlier systems, where solar panels are added as an afterthought, these are designed to work together from day one.

The result is a more efficient, effective, and resilient solar power system along with a roof that can last 20 years or more with regular maintenance. To get off to the right start, you need a Central Florida roofer that knows GAF products inside and out.

Sheegog Contracting is here to help you succeed.

Bringing you years of experience from a family-owned business you can trust, Sheegog is dedicated to the highest quality of customer care. For projects big and small, you’ll benefit from our famous five-part roofing process. We do it all in Central Florida roofing, from repairs to replacements. In addition to GAF roof-integrated solar, we also install shingle, metal, tile, clay, and other popular roofing options.

Choosing roof-integrated solar is one of the best investments you can make in any Central Florida home. Done right, the return on investment is second to none. When it’s finally time to get a solar power system, leave it in experienced hands.

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