What Is The Best Type Of Roofing For Florida Homes?

Thinking about getting new roofing for your Florida home, vacation property, or business? Not all materials are created equal, and not all roof shingles are equally appropriate for Florida’s climate.
When selecting new asphalt shingles for your Florida home, you need to consider both general factors and those specific to the region. Here are 6 key principles to keep in mind.

1. Demand High Wind & Water Resistance
Weather patterns have a huge impact on how long your roofing will last, and every region of the US is different. In the far north, standing up against the snow and ice is key. In Florida, high ratings for wind and water resistance are more important.

Not only is there the risk of hurricane winds and torrents, but Florida also experiences numerous tropical storms, tornadoes, and severe thunderstorms. Going for high-grade shingles that stand up strong to fierce winds and heavy, frequent rains is critical in this part of the country!

2. Choose Heat & UV Resistant Roofing Material
Another important feature to ask for is asphalt that is formulated to resist deterioration from UV rays and from general overheating. Heat will take its toll on any shingle, regardless, but some types and brands will last longer and perform better for longer under the hot, hot Florida sun.

Living in The Sunshine State means you have good reason to be concerned about the heat-resistance level of your roofing.

3. Seaside Homes Need Algae-resistant Shingles
Florida has some 1,350 miles of coastline, more than any other state except Alaska. And almost every part of the state is within a short distance of the sea since the Gulf and the Atlantic Ocean border it on three sides.

Not only do seaside homes suffer more wind and rain damage to their roofs, but they also can suffer from salt spray and from algae growth on the shingles. However, there are shingles available that are resistant to algae growth – a big curb appeal bonus to ocean-loving homeowners!

4. Building Codes May Require Extra-tough Roofing
In some parts of Florida, past hurricanes and other factors have influenced localities to up their building codes – including as those codes concern roofing standards.

High wind, water, heat, and algae resistance may not be optional in these counties and municipalities. Check with your local roofer as he will be familiar with local building code standards.

5. Consider Architectural Shingles To Add Curb Appeal
Aesthetics are never a requirement, but they certainly don’t hurt. And a house with a good-looking roof will be worth more and be easier to sell should you ever decide to list it.

Architectural shingles have a big advantage over regular three-tab shingles on that score. And they are also tougher and more durable.

6. Be Sure To Rely On Top-tier Installation Experts
No matter what type of roofing material you may choose, how it is installed will be a major factor in how well and how long it performs. Choose a local roofing contractor with great local reviews and a longstanding reputation for excellent workmanship.

For further advice on how to select the best shingles for Florida’s climate, and based on other factors, and for a free no-obligation re-roofing or roof repair quote, contact Sheegog Contracting today!


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