What To Do When You Need A Roof Repair

Some home repairs can be put temporarily on the back burner – not so with roof repairs. All roof repair needs are urgent, to one degree or another, and waiting too long may be the worst decision of all – it can result in further costly damage to your home.
Every homeowner should have an action plan set out ahead of time so that when a roof problem arises, or is even suspected, he or she can move on it without delay – here is a step by step plan for doing just that.

Step One: Assessing The Damage
If you notice a roof leak, it is pretty obvious you need a roof repair, though it may not be obvious exactly what is causing the leak or where the water is getting in. A professional contractor can locate the source of the leak and fix it without delay.

Other forms of roof damage include blown off shingles, curled up or bent over shingles, roof flashing that is dangling by a corner, cracked roofing cement, shingles that are not sealed at the bottom and let water up under them, worn down roof valleys and rake walls, torn off ridge caps, and roofing that is just old and worn down.

A professional roof inspection is the first step in many cases. You can do a quick visual inspection from the ground, but a closer look by an experienced roofer will reveal the exact nature of the problem.

Step Two: Explore Your Options
Very few will feel safe and comfortable doing roof repairs, other than very minor ones, on their own. That means you are probably going to need to select a roofing contractor.

Explore your options, but best to keep it local and only consider companies with lots of experience, good ratings at the BBB or other guidepost institutions, and convincing, mostly positive reviews from past customers.

Also, when you meet with a prospective contractor, talk to them about what needs to be done to your roof. There may be a question as to whether full roof replacement might be a better option if your roof is getting old, if half or more of the roofing is damaged, or if hail impacts have compromised the long term integrity of large swathes of the shingle shield.

Step Three: The Actual Roof Repair
You may need to verify your chosen contractor will be accepted by your homeowners insurance company and then coordinate with them. Also, you will need to schedule the repair for a day convenient to you and – ideally, when you will be at home.

Your contractor should demonstrate a good work ethic, show up on time, communicate with you well, dispose of old materials and not leave a mess, and complete the job in a reasonable amount of time.

Be sure you have an agreed-upon price or close estimate before work commences. Watch the weather on roof repair day – the forecast should factor into scheduling and a delay may be required if the weather makes it too dangerous to walk on the roof.

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