Why Choose Asphalt Shingles For Your New Roof?

Around 70% of US rooftops are covered with some form of asphalt shingles. Why? There are many good reasons why US homeowners are so apt to opt for asphalt over their other roofing options.

For decades now, asphalt has dominated the roofing market, overtaking its predecessor – old fashioned wood shingles or shakes (which still enjoy a good market share nonetheless.)

Below, we will look at the top 7 reasons why it makes good sense to choose asphalt shingles for your new roof.

How Are Asphalt Roofing Shingles Built?

When your old roofing is showing its age, and the need for roof replacement looms, there are a number of important decisions that a homeowner needs to make. One of the most obvious ones is which type of roofing material to re-roof with.

Before we get into the various reasons for choosing asphalt, let’s look briefly at what this type of shingle is actually made out of:

  • A fiberglass mat foundation. Fiberglass is strong, adds sufficient (but not too much weight), and is able to cope with severe cold or intense heat. In the past, organic mats were used but they didn’t perform well – fiberglass mats are the best choice for roof replacement and almost universal with newly manufactured asphalt shingles today.
  • Next, there is the main layer – the warp and woof of the asphalt shingle, which is asphalt itself. This glues itself to the fiberglass and to all other components of the shingle to form a cohesive whole.
  • Finally, a layer of granules is put on top. This top coating accomplishes several things, which we’ll look at under the benefits of asphalt shingles below. But for one thing, it makes the roof walkable and gives it some “curb appeal.”
  • A backing of some kind is attached to each shingle. This is only used to protect it during storage and shipping and is removed before installation on your roof.

The Top 7 Benefits of Asphalt For Roof Replacement

It’s one thing to know what an asphalt shingle is constructed out of, but another to know why it’s a great choice for roof replacement time. Here are the seven most important reasons why so many people continue to choose this type of roofing shingle:

  1. Great affordability! There’s no doubt that the lower cost of asphalt shingles are a major motivating factor in their popularity. Anywhere you can save on roof replacement costs without losing value, is a good thing.
  2. So many varieties! Asphalt shingles are readily available in a wide variety of styles, colors, shapes, and sizes. This makes it easy to make your roofing fit your desired “ambiance.”
  3. Low-maintenance. While an annual roof inspection and basic care are required to keep any roof in tip-top condition, asphalt shingles require relatively little and easy maintenance.
  4. Quicker installation process. Comparatively, asphalt shingles make the roof replacement process quicker than, say, wood shakes, clay tiles, or cement.
  5. Sufficiently long durability. While some more expensive options can last longer, asphalt lasts long enough for its price-point. You normally get 20, 25, or even 30 years out of this type of roofing material before roof replacement is necessary again.
  6. Highly resistant to many things! Asphalt gives you a good water barrier, strong wind resistance, and good temperature coping ability. The granules resist UV light damage/fading, and additives help with fire resistance, algae resistance, and more.
  7. Good curb appeal. Whether you go with a basic three-tab asphalt shingle or a more upscale dimensional shingle, with quality installation, your home will look better and be worth more!

Selecting the Best Asphalt Shingles for Roof Replacement

We can see that there are many important benefits to using some form of asphalt shingles when you need to invest in a roof replacement job. But the fact is, there are many specific options out there in this space.

The most commonly used type is the three-tab asphalt shingle. It costs less than other types and is fully adequate to the task. It comes in many colors and styles and brands.

Next, for added curb appeal and longer durability (with even less maintenance needed), consider using dimensional (architectural) asphalt shingles.

Many types of shingles also have higher ratings for resistance to various things. You can find fire ratings ranging from A to C, wind ratings that do well up to 110 mph or 150 mph winds, various levels of impact resistance (against hail or wind-borne projectiles), algae growth resistance, UV ray resistance, and more.

You need to select a shingle-type for roof replacement that fits your needs. If you live in a windy area, for example, go with higher wind resistance. If you live by the ocean, opt for shingles with anti-algae additives. Style, budget, looks, and functionality can all be balanced together to find your “perfect” roofing shingle option.

To learn more about asphalt shingles or other roofing material types, or for a free, no-obligation quote on roof replacement or roof repair, contact Sheegog Contracting in Central Florida today!


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