Why Choose Dimensional Shingles For Your New Roof?

After decades of standing up to the often-severe Florida weather patterns, your roofing has finally reached the point where it can no longer adequately protect your home. Or, you may be doing roof replacement a little early in order to list your home or as part of a general home renovation project.
Getting a new roof involves a number of important decisions, such as which roofing contractor to use, when to schedule the project, and whether or not to roof over an existing layer of shingles (not usually a good idea!).

Which type of shingles to install, however, is surely one of the most basic and important decisions you make when it comes to roof replacement. Here are some of the reasons why you might choose dimensional asphalt shingles.

1. Improved Aesthetics – AKA “Curb Appeal”
Regular three-tab shingles are fine. But some homeowners aren’t satisfied with the fully regular, squared-off look of the tabs or with the very flat appearance of the roof. There’s another option – dimensional (or “architectural”) shingles.

Dimensional shingles are, as the name implies, more three dimensional in character. Their tabs are more irregular too, more closely mimicking the look of rough-hewn cedar shakes. These shingles look higher-quality – and they are, which certainly gives your home more character and enhanced curb appeal.

2. Longer Durability & A Corresponding Warranty
Three-tab shingles generally give you from 20 to 30 years before roof replacement becomes necessary, and the warranty will match the life expectancy of any shingle.

While you pay a little more for dimensional shingles, you get your money’s worth too. They tend to last around 50 years and have a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty. That’s a significant difference to say the least. The reason is simply that these shingles are tougher and hold up to the elements much longer.

3. Better Resistance To Fires & Storms
For almost anything you want to name, dimensional shingles will have higher resistance levels than three-tabs.

As this is a higher-grade shingle, manufacturers put more value into it as far as ingredients that assist with fire resistance, UV-light resistance (to slow fading), heat tolerance, and moisture barrier. Wind resistance also tends to be higher since the shingles are sturdier.

4. Dimensional Shingles Are Laminated
One reason that dimensional asphalt shingles have a thicker appearance is that they are laminated. This does not add substantial weight to the shingle so any roof that can support ordinary shingles can also support dimensional ones.

But lamination does give some added protection against the water and wind, a little extra spit and polish, and a boost to the durability of an already very well-built shingle.

5. Roof Replacement Adds Value To Your Home
Any and all new roofing will add significantly to the overall value of your home. In fact, roof replacement has one of the highest rates of return of any home improvement project.

If you use dimensional shingles, the added value will be higher and last longer. If you go with premium dimensional shingles, then you can ratchet up those numbers even more.

For more information on how to select the best type of roofing shingles to fit your needs and budget, or to schedule a roof replacement project, a roof repair, or a professional roof inspection in the Central Florida Area, contact Sheegog Contracting today!


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