Why Choose Professional Solar Panel Installation?

The future of solar energy looks “brighter” than ever, and it is becoming almost routine for homeowners to have solar panels installed on their roof. In the wake of this renewable energy revolution, however, some may be tempted to try to install their new solar panels the DIY way.
There are several reasons why self-installation is not usually a good idea. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should rely on professionals for all your solar installation needs.

1. Getting The Job Done Right, Fast
It isn’t that simple to install most models of solar panels. There are numerous parts involved in the fastening system to attach it to the roof. And you also have to connect the panels, ground them, and align them properly. Plus, if you are installing panels on a ground-based stand, there may be even more complexity to the task.

To ensure the solar installation process is done correctly and efficiently, you are far better off relying on the pros than attempting it yourself.

2. A Complete System Is Required
There are other system components involved besides just the solar panels themselves. These include a solar inverter, charge controllers, storage batteries, and sometimes electric panel adjustments or upgrades.

You have to integrate the panels into your home power grid, arrange things with the power company, and make sure it is all safe and legal. This takes some experience, to say the least.

3. You Can Save On Solar Installation
There are many ways you can save money through professional solar installation. First of all, you won’t have to pay twice because you accidentally did something wrong while trying to do it yourself.

Second, you may be able to get roofing work done by the same company. Third, the installation provider can direct you to various solar energy rebates and tax credits. And finally, your homeowners’ insurer is going to want to know a professional installed your panels, which could be critical later on if storm damage or a covered event occurs.

4. Think About Long-term Solar Maintenance
Another reason for going pro with solar installation is that you want the benefit of long-term maintenance assistance.

If the same company that installed your panels and total system also is ready to help you with any upgrades or repairs that may be needed years later, that’s all the better.

With solar power more and more on the rise in today’s economy, Florida homeowners are thinking seriously about what is the best way to get their solar panels up and running. In Central Florida, solar installation by Sheegog Contracting is a proven solution – contact us today for all your solar and roofing needs!


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