Why Choose Solar Energy For Your Home?

Florida is fast becoming one of the biggest solar energy markets in the nation, particularly for home-based solar systems connected to the grid. Solar installation is becoming the rule rather than the exception, and many homeowners are now wondering if they should jump on board sooner rather than later.
Whether you are talking about installing solar panels on your roof or on ground mounts in your yard, and regardless of what size of solar system you need or what kind of building you would install it on, there are numerous reasons why solar energy just makes sense – including these ten.

1. Unlimited, Renewable Energy
As “The Sunshine State,” Florida gets more hours of average daily sunshine than most other parts of the country. For the most part, only deserts get more sun than does Florida.

In Miami, the sun is shining 70% of the time, while in Pensacola, it shines 60% of the time. Thus, while there are some differences between north and south Florida, there’s plenty of sunshine everywhere almost year-round. Solar energy is unlimited, renewable, and sustainable. Oil reserves could someday run dry, but unless the sun explodes, solar energy is here to stay!

Also, note that modern PV (photovoltaic cell) solar panels are not powered by heat but by light. That is, you don’t have to live in a particularly hot region but just a sunny region in order to get the most out of them.

2. You Save Money On Power Every Month!
The number one reason why so many are “going solar” these days is that it lowers their monthly energy bill. Everyone dreads getting a high electric bill that will take a bite out of their savings – except those who have invested in solar installation and never see a high bill.

Florida has fairly low electric rates right now, but that can always change. And prices seem to always go up, never down.

Depending on how many solar panels you install, you can greatly lower or even completely eliminate your monthly power bill.

3. Solar Installation Can Make You Money!
If lowering or eliminating your energy bill sounds good, then actually making money off of your panels by selling excess energy to the utility company sounds even better.

Yes, you can establish an agreement with your energy provider that allows you to subtract the value of the energy you feed into the grid from the value of the energy you pull off of it. If you produce more than you use, then you earn money. The power company starts paying you instead of billing you!

4. Achieve Greater Energy Independence
Beyond just saving money, there is another reason why many people prefer to generate their own power right on their own rooftop – independence. Independence is as American as apple pie, and energy independence is certainly no exception.

Contrary to popular assumption, you do not lose power on cloudy days, in the winter, or whenever your panels may be at a low performance level due to weather events. Instead, you simply draw power from the grid during those times.

Plus, you can have a solar battery, or multiple solar batteries, installed during the solar installation process so that you can use your own power even during an outage.

5. You Can Own Your Solar Panels Sooner Than You Think
There are many ways you can own your own solar panels and your complete solar system. If you have enough money or apply for a solar loan or home equity loan, you could own them immediately after solar installation.

Most people, however, either rent their solar panels or buy them gradually over a period of years. To get the fullest possible benefit out of them, you want to become the official owner. Usually, you can pay the panels and solar installation costs off within 5 years’ time.

Considering that solar panels often come with a 25-year warranty and may function well for 30 years or more, that’s a wise investment.

6. You Can Get Long-term Service & Maintenance
Most solar installation companies also offer long-term after-sale service on the panels and other equipment they install.

Over 10, 20, or 30 years or usage, you are likely to need some maintenance and repairs at points. You don’t have to become a solar panel repair expert yourself, but can rely on the professionals to ensure the job is done right and on time.

7. It’s Easy to Expand or Upgrade Later On If Needed
Solar installation companies will often offer expandable solar systems that can be easily built out and/or upgraded later on if so desired.

This feature allows you to get started with an adequate solar system now, but then you can pay for additional solar installation services later in order to save more on your monthly energy bill.

It may also be that you begin to use more power at a later date. Increased energy needs will require increased solar production – expandable set-ups make it easy to adjust to the changing situations of life!

8. Do Good to the Environment
The fewer people and buildings on ordinary energy sources and the more on solar power, the better it is for our environment.

Solar installation is one of the most obvious, most impactful, and easiest ways to do good to the Earth. Reducing our collective carbon footprint is an enormous task, and solar installation is a big step forward in that direction.

For many, environmental concerns are the top reason they go solar. And for many others, this is equal to or a close runner-up to the goal of saving money on their power bill month after month.

9. Solar Installation Is Ever-more Affordable!
In recent years, the cost of solar installation has continued to drop dramatically. Amazingly, this has been accompanied by a rising productivity and quality level of the latest solar panels. Thus, you get more for less – who doesn’t like that?

Also, there are significant federal, state, and local level solar incentives and energy-efficiency incentives that may apply when you have solar panels installed. This can lower the cost by almost 50% in some cases and almost always by at least 25%.

10. Boost the Resale Value of Your Property
Another reason many people install solar panels on their home is because it increases the value of their property. Solar installation is also a selling point that many home shoppers are looking for.

So you can often sell your home for more money and do it faster when you list it if it has solar panels on its roof or in its yard on mounts. The real estate market in Florida, and across the US, is changing in this regard, and it pays to keep up with the times and the modern demands of the realty market if planning to sell your home.

There are many great benefits of solar installation, and these 10 don’t exhaust them all. Contact the roofing and solar installation experts at Sheegog Contracting in Central Florida today to learn more!


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