Why Is Quick Attention To Storm Damage So Important?

When your roofing suffers storm damage, you need to treat it as an urgent matter. The fact is that delaying to get repairs done post-storm often turns a relatively small problem into a big one and can end up costing you a lot of money.
Severe weather is no stranger to Florida, as Floridian homeowners well know. Even outside of hurricane season, there are many tropical storms, tornadoes, and severe thunderstorms. Prompt attention to your roof after suffering storm damage is truly crucial.

1. Hail Damage Can Be Hidden But Devastating
When your roofing is hit by a major hail shower, you may not realize how damaging those plummeting ice balls really were to your roof!

Extreme hail of large sizes and high velocities can actually punch holes into the roof deck – or at least expose it. This is just asking for a leak if left unattended for long.

Plus, even barely noticeable hail marks may involve fissures that effectively destroy a shingle’s lifespan and its ability to stand up to the next storm that comes along.

2. Don’t Take Missing Shingles Lightly
When wind blows shingles off of your roof, it’s more than a curb appeal problem. And the same goes for shingles left dangling, cracked in half, shifted out of place, or sitting loose and ready to fall.

Missing shingles reduce the energy efficiency of a roof and thus of your home. They expose your roof to possible leaks. They let moisture get under the water barrier and cause possible mold, mildew, or wood rot over time.

3. A Small Leak Can Do Big Damage
So you notice a small roof leak inside your home during or just after a storm. You think about calling the roofing contractor to fix it but then forget about it. Next storm, it gets bigger or two or three leaks pop up at the same time.

By ignoring small leaks, homeowners risk developing bigger ones that can do a lot of damage to their home’s interior. That can cost a lot of money to repair when you add drywall work, painting, floor repair, and more to the cost of just fixing the roof!

4. Damaged Soffit May Lead To Later Leaks
The soffit and the overhang at your roof’s eaves helps to keep the water away from your home’s foundation. It also contains a drip edge that laps over the eave but under the shingles – and into the gutter trough. This helps prevent roof damage due to rotting wood and keeps water from sneaking into your house.

When you don’t fix damaged soffit or gutters after a storm, it increases the odds of developing a roof leak later or of seeing mold and wood rot problems. It also allows birds, squirrels, and rodents to get into the soffit or even into your attic if they so choose.

There are multiple ways in which neglecting storm damage to your roof puts your home at greater risk. The next time it rains or the next time stormy weather comes your way, you want to be ready.

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