Why Sheegog Contracting? Top 5 Reasons Why We’re a Top Choice for Roofing

Looking for a trustworthy “roofing contractor near me?”

When people search for a “roofing contractor near me,” it usually means they need to hire a roofer as soon as possible. They may have noticed a leak they want to fix right away. Or they might have gotten a letter from their insurer demanding a roof replacement.

(Yes, your insurance company can do that!)

Whatever the case, it’s almost time to make a decision. Unfortunately, we’ve heard again and again from Central Florida homeowners that they don’t always feel confident about their choice. And when you’re expecting something to go wrong, it makes roof repair or roof replacement more stressful.

At Sheegog Contracting, we advocate making an informed decision about a Florida roofing contractor – and we know how tough that can be. Let’s take a closer look at why hundreds of families and business owners in Central Florida have picked Sheegog Contracting for roofing, construction, and restoration.

1. Experience That Makes a Difference

Experience is the most important factor when it comes to selecting a roofer. Experience is the key to not only getting the job right but doing it quickly and at an affordable price. All of those things can coexist, but it only happens when someone has the experience to know the work and materials inside and out.

At Sheegog Contracting, we’ve successfully completed hundreds of residential and commercial roofing projects in Central Florida. We are pioneers in the introduction of high-quality residential metal roofing. Our quality commitment has led to recognition like the GAF Certified Master Elite Contractor credential.

2. Total Transparency Throughout the Process

At Sheegog Contracting, we believe in making the entire roofing project easier for you. A big part of that is giving you all the facts you need to make an informed decision. For example, our work starts with an on-site examination of your roof. All quotes and estimates are laid out in writing.

This is another area where experience counts. We have the confidence to lay everything out in advance. If something doesn’t go as planned – such as a delay or unexpected cost – you know exactly what will happen before any action is taken. Our use of in-house roofers allows us to maintain high standards.

3. Dedicated Project Management for Your Job

Once a roof repair or roof installation starts, a Florida roofing contractor will usually be on-site at your home about 12 hours a day, from sunrise to sunset. During that time, your dedicated project manager can always be reached either at your home or by phone or text. You are never left in the dark.

Because there’s a single point of contact for all your questions, Sheegog Contracting can ensure a higher level of customer service. If you need us to work around your schedule, for instance, we will be glad to do so. And, of course, we completely clean up all roofing debris before we call the job done.

4. Our Proven 5-Step Process

Learning from your successes and setbacks is crucial if you want to achieve a world-class level of service. In our case, those lessons learned come together in the form of the Sheegog Contracting 5-Part Process. We always follow the process, because it improves your experience and nets the best results around.

With the process in place, you always know exactly where you are and where you’re going, no matter how complex your roofing project might be. It might not sound like much, but see it in action and you will know you’ve found the “roofing contractor near me” you want to stick with for good.

5. No Hard Selling – Ever

We stand by the belief that hard selling is a mark of inexperience and lack of confidence. Roofers who push you to make a decision right away often overpromise and under-deliver. We will always give you time to consider your options because we respect your time and investment.

Yes, it’s true that once a contract is drawn up, the roofer needs to be able to act fast to purchase the materials at the quoted price. Our consistency means we’ve got preferential supply contracts with a range of top roofing manufacturers, so we can give you more time and pass our savings on to you.

You can end your search for the perfect “roofing contractor near me” by talking to a trusted name in Central Florida roofing. Sheegog Contracting is here to help with roofing, construction, and home restoration needs. Contact us today to find out more or get started.


We give our clients transparency, efficiency & quality workmanship.


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