Why You Should Care About Flashing As Much as Your Shingles When Hiring a Central Florida Roofing Contractor

When you’re getting a new roof, it’s only natural roofing shingles are the star of the show. After all, it is your shingles that will determine how your roof looks, how it performs in all kinds of Florida weather, and how much you will need to invest to keep it going strong for years to come.

That said, a good Florida roof is made up of many different parts. For example, you can’t see the waterproof underlayment beneath the shingle layer, but it provides an important service – keeping structural elements of the roof from getting waterlogged in a downpour.

Each of these different roof components works together to protect your home and family.

That’s why it’s crucial to make sure your shingle roof is inspected once a year before the Atlantic hurricane season. Your local roofing contractor in Central Florida can spot issues that would otherwise be left to get worse. Usually, that means a surprise leak (or two, or more) when the weather is at its worst.

During a roof inspection, your team checks out every aspect of the roof exterior.

One of the “unsung heroes” of a great roof is the flashing.

In Florida, Your Flashing Is Just as Vital as Your Roof Shingles

Flashing refers to specialized metal fixtures that go around projecting elements of the roof. A skylight, a chimney, vents, and much more must have appropriate flashing. The flashing safeguards the seams and prevents leaks from developing in those areas, which are structural weak points.

Seams, joints, and valleys in your shingle roof can all benefit from flashing.

Naturally, this kind of waterproofing is even more essential here in Florida. During heavy rains, flashing can make the difference between a dry, secure roof and one that springs serious leaks up and down the length of damaged seams or joints.

Here’s the interesting thing: Flashing often needs to be replaced sooner than shingles.

While you’ll see plenty of claims that roof flashing can last for 30 years, that only happens under ideal conditions. Here in Florida, the average lifespan of a shingle roof is lower than average because of the intense heat, wind, and rain. Even if a shingle roof lasts 20 years, insurers tend not to like it!

In practice, you might need to replace flashing regularly.

Your Central Florida Roofing Contractor Shouldn’t Overlook Flashing

Over the last decade, Central Florida roofing has advanced in many ways. Techniques that were normal are now recognized as potentially risky. For instance, any good roofer knows that it’s not wise to “roof over” damaged shingles with new ones, as this just creates the potential for more problems.

Likewise, it was once believed that flashing could be left as-is as long as it was not visibly bent out of shape. This is not always the case, and flashing needs to be tested by your Florida roofing contractor during roofing repair and inspection.

As a homeowner, you can get the drop on flashing problems by periodically checking on your roof, especially after a storm. If the flashing is loose or bent, you should be able to see it from ground level. A quick look with a set of binoculars is both more effective and much safer than getting on the roof.

Flashing can be knocked out of place by wind, rain, or hail, but it can also develop damage seemingly out of nowhere. What’s really happening is that the flashing, which is made of metal, gradually warps as the temperatures change from one extreme to the other up at roof level.

It can be 30 degrees hotter on your roof than at ground level – or even hotter. That can gradually lead to deformation in your flashing. Needless to say, if your flashing is not providing a tight seal, it can’t do the job at hand. Once water infiltration begins, a small leak quickly becomes bigger.

Sheegog Contracting Is the Central Florida Roofing Contractor that Always Comes Through

If you’re concerned about your roof, getting an expert’s eyes on the problem never hurts.

At Sheegog Contracting, we’re dedicated to treating you, your time, and your property with respect. We will never try to “sell” you on services you don’t need. Our goal is to give you peace of mind and provide you with the facts you need to make an informed decision about Florida roofing.

It’s easy to get started with the Central Florida roofer you can trust.

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