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Why You Shouldn’t Take Storm Damage Lightly

Has your Florida home suffered damage in the wake of a hurricane, tropical storm, tornado, or a severe thunderstorm? Now is not the time for inaction, for roof damage or other storm damage can lead to additional damage and expense if not quickly repaired.
Here are several types of repairs often needed post-storm and why they are so important:

1. Damaged Roofing, Threat Of Roof Leaks
The most common type of damage from Florida’s frequent stormy weather is some form of damaged roofing. Shingles may be badly bent back, cracked, or completely missing. Or, they may still be in proper place but just loosened up so that water can drift underneath them.

Pieces of metal flashing and drip edge may have been dislodged or have gaps between the pieces and the roof. Flashing may even be dangling by a corner or lying in the roof valley or on the lawn.

Hail impacts may have weakened shingles structurally so that they now have low wind resistance and will become brittle and break under pressure. Gutters and downspouts may also have been ripped off or may be slumped over or swinging freely.

All of these problems can cause a roof leak, or may already have caused one. Any delay in fixing the issue risks considerable and costly damage to your roof deck and your home’s interior.

2. Structural Damage To Your Roof
Many times, tree limbs are broken off and flung into roofs during a storm – or a whole tree may tumble down on top of your house. In a tornado or hurricane, large items can be picked up and slammed into the roof structure.

A hole in your roof, missing roof decking, ripped up rafters, and other types of structural damage to your roof is a real roofing emergency. A local roofer can get on the repair job without delay and keep the weather out during the reconstruction process.

3. Storm Damage To The Main Edifice
Finally, major storms can damage your home’s walls, porches, decks, windows, doors, drywall, flooring, ceilings, and more. Both cosmetic and structural damage to your home below the roof line requires immediate attention.

Be aware that many good roofing contractors also are adept at construction work that becomes necessary in the aftermath of a storm.

The longer one waits to take care of these kinds of repair needs, the longer the home is exposed to water damage, rodent and insect invasions, and poor energy efficiency. It costs less to get it done now than later – and home insurance companies respond better to claims when they are filed quickly, which is another good reason to avoid delay.

If your roofing, roof structure, or other parts of your building have suffered damage in the wake of a recent Florida storm, we at Sheegog Contracting can assist you in making all necessary repairs.

We can not only replace shingles but also repair rafters, replace windows, change out interior or exterior drywall as needed, fix gutters/downspouts, and more. Contact us today in the Central Florida Region for a free, no-obligation quote!

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