Why Your Roofing Matters So Much

Roofing ranks high among the most important components of any building – whether residential or commercial. But seldom do we realize how incredibly crucial it really is.
If you are facing roof replacement, need a roof repair, or could just use a professional roof inspection, don’t delay and don’t neglect your roof! The consequences of doing so could be disastrous.

Here are the top 5 reasons why properly caring for your roof should be a top home maintenance priority:

1. Makes Your Home Look “Snappy!”
Quite often, 40% to 60% of the visible surface area of a building is composed of roof space. Thus, it is not at all surprising that how good your roof looks has a huge impact on the curb appeal of your entire home or business property.

New, high-quality shingles – perhaps even architectural roofing shingles, instantly transform the appearance of your home. Getting the right color is very important too, since the roof needs to either contrast with or complement the color of the surrounding walls.

2. Greatly Improves Property Value
If you are looking to up your home’s property value in order to get a bigger home equity loan or in preparation for listing your home on the market, getting new roofing put on is one of the key steps to take.

The first question most interested buyers ask when they come to see your for-sale property is “how old is the roof and what condition is in it?” You want to be able to say it is brand spanking new or at least not have to admit it needs full roof replacement ere long.

3. Roofing Maintenance Saves Money
Roofs age and inevitably suffer damage in storms over the years – but keeping up maintenance efforts with regular annual inspections and quick repairs whenever a minor problem arises helps prevent ever having a major roof problem.

Good roof maintenance prevents costly repairs and extends the life or your roofing, both of which save you money!

4. Protects Your Building’s Interior
The most obvious and most critical reason why your roofing is so important is simple – it stands between the weather and the interior and contents of your home.

Damaged drywall, warped hardwood flooring, destroyed furniture or electronics, and other forms of water damage can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to deal with.

Additionally, don’t forget that your roof is also instrumental in protecting another precious possession inside your home – the people!

5. No Worries! Peace of Mind!
Finally, we can sum it all up by saying that knowing you have a good, strong, beautiful roof over your head does wonders for your peace of mind. There’s no need to worry about all the problems that good roofing can prevent, as outlined in the first four points above.

Thinking about getting a new roof or taking care of a roof repair need? Or maybe you need a roof inspection? Whatever your roof-related need, Sheegog Contracting stands ready to assist you! Contact us today for full roofing services in the Central Florida Area.


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