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Decaying roof and limited budget.

See how we helped a family finance the roof they needed.

Decaying roof and limited budget.

See how we helped a family finance the roof they needed.

The right roof at the right price.

When this family purchased their new home they knew that it desperately needed a new roof. But they worried they might not find the high-end roof they were looking for in their price range. Together we worked out just the right deal so they got the roof they wanted at the price they could afford.

The problem.

Our customer had recently purchased a 20-year-old home that still had the original roof. A roof this old can pose many risks to the structure of your home while also making it very difficult to insure. They wanted to invest in a high-quality product but weren't sure they would be able to make an investment at that price point. But one thing was for sure, not replacing it simply wasn't an option.

The solution.

Fortunately these customers knew exactly what they wanted in their new roof, so all we needed to do was help them achieve that. After reviewing all of their options they decided on the product that gave them the look and longevity that they wanted. Then, we financed their new roof so they would never have to sacrifice quality.

The result.

We are proud to say that this family has a beautiful, brand new, and long lasting roof that will keep their home safe for years to come. They couldn't be happier with how it turned out. And as an added bonus, now that their new roof is up-to-code, they are saving big time on their monthly insurance premium.

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