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The fight to replace a storm-damaged roof.

See how we helped this family fight for a full roof replacement.

When a small leak turns into a big problem.

It takes no time at all for a hurricane to wreak havoc on your family home, and that's exactly what happened to this family. When the storm passed, it seemed as though their bad situation was only getting worse. That's when we stepped in to advocate for them.


The problem started out small. After a recent hurricane, our customers noticed what appeared to be some minor damage to their roof. A couple of shingles were missing and a small leak had appeared in the ceiling of their dining room. However, after we completed a thorough evaluation, it became all too clear that the damage was far worse than they had thought.


First, to prevent further damage we laid tarps over the areas of the roof that had been damaged to ensure the leak wouldn't worsen. Then, once the customer had filed a claim, members of our team met with the insurance company to review the damages and at the end, the insurance company covered the full roof replacement and the repairs needed from all the associated water damage.


Now, our customers rest easy. Our team of professionals gave them a brand new roof and hung fresh drywall in their dining room so you'd never even know what happened. Plus, since we financed their deductible we were able to ensure that new their roof didn't cause them any further financial strain. One more happy customer!

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