Florida Homeowner’s Top Roofing Material Choices

Thinking about a new roof?

Roof replacement in Central Florida can be an awesome way to improve the comfort and value of your home. In one fell swoop, you have the opportunity to save money on future roof repair and even lower the costs associated with heating and cooling your house.

Not only that, but you won’t have to worry about insurance issues caused by the age of your roof.

While the most common roof in Central Florida is a good old shingle, an increasing number of alternatives are making a big splash in our area. No matter what style, color, or performance qualities you’re looking for, Sheegog Contracting will be glad to help you find the best roof to meet your needs.

Let’s take a closer look at the top roofing material choices in Florida:

1. Shingle Roofing

Here in Central Florida, you just can’t go wrong with shingle roofing. You can expect most shingle roofs to last for about 20 years with a quick annual roof inspection. Problems you might encounter with your shingle roof are generally easy to solve simply by replacing any damaged roof shingles.

Shingle roofs come in the widest variety of colors, so you can find something to match any color scheme you desire. Plus, there are premium quality dimensional shingles that can add greater depth and stylistic flair to your roof. Shingle roofs are also easy to keep clean with a few hours of effort twice a year.

A shingle roof is a terrific budget solution since it is almost always the least expensive option on the per-square-foot level. And new roof installation is much quicker with a shingle roof. Your trusty local roofing contractor can generally get it all done for you in a few full days of work.

If there are any drawbacks to shingle, it’s simply that this is a “middle of the road” roof without any jaw-dropping features. Still, if you are planning to be in your current home for ten years or less, shingle is your “go-to” option that will really impress future buyers without breaking the bank.

2. Residential Metal Roofing

You’ve almost certainly seen some metal roofing in familiar agricultural buildings like a barn or grain silo. Today’s residential metal roofs are truly in a class by themselves. They offer a level of quality unmatched by any other material. Plus, they can be as stylish as you want with no “industrial” look to them.

The biggest draw with residential metal roofing is how it deflects about half of all solar radiation that strikes it. That has the bonus of making your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It may help you save hundreds of dollars at a time when electric rates are soaring higher and higher.

Residential metal roofs also stand out for their ability to resist mold, mildew, fire, and just about all that Mother Nature can throw at them. Rain runs right off. The metal panels are fairly resistant to wind uplift, and even the largest hailstones usually only leave a superficial scratch.

One interesting thing about metal roofing is how easy it is to repair. An entire roofing system is almost never replaced. Instead, individual metal panels can be switched out. Sometimes it’s not necessary to buy a replacement panel, since the existing one can be beaten into shape with no loss of effectiveness.

Unlike shingle roofs, metal roofs can usually be inspected just once every other year.

3. Clay Tile Roofing

If you want the ultimate in South Florida style right here in Central Florida, then the clay tile roof is the pick you crave. It is most associated with the Spanish Mission architectural style you’ll often find on the coast. With its inimitable red color, it lends a timeless quality to any home.

Clay tile roofing has the potential to last the longest out of any popular roofing material, a century or more. Plus, its additional weight gives it the greatest protection against wind uplift. If clay tile proves heavier than your structure can support, then concrete tile roofing might still work for you.

Clay tile provides powerful protection against rain, hail, and fire. If a clay tile is cracked, that tile can be replaced. While tile does tend to be the biggest investment out of all common roofing materials, it’s worth it when you consider it might be the last roof you ever need to buy.

Intrigued? The proven Sheegog Contracting process makes a new roof easy.

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