Potential Consequences of Delaying Roof Replacement

Maybe your roof is trying to tell you something? Perhaps, it is displaying all the tell-tale signs of its age and it may be time to consider full roof replacement? Granted, it makes no sense to replace your roofing too early – that would be to needlessly waste shingles and get less life out of your roofing (and “bang for your roofing buck”) than you could have gotten.

BUT, a far greater danger is waiting too long. Timely roof replacement is the key. Delaying to replace your old roofing when it needs to be replaced is a recipe for disaster. Here are 7 major risks you run when you delay roof replacement too long.

1. Major Storm Damage

Florida’s hurricane season is a difficult test for any roof to pass, but when a roof enters the storm season already weak and on its last leg, the odds of major storm damage increase exponentially.

Plus, tropical storms, tornados, severe thunderstorms, and strong winds characterize much of the year in Florida, not just hurricane season. An old roof is at serious risk most months of the year.

2. Expensive Roof Leaks

As roofing ages, it can become brittle, buckle and bow, come loose from the roof deck, and otherwise enable water to get beneath the roofing where it may find its way straight into your home’s interior.

Roof leaks can destroy drywall, flooring, electronics, furniture, and more and cause hundreds or even thousands of dollars in total damage. Then you will need to have the leak located and eliminated by a professional roofer. Frequent repairs to your roof and your home’s interior can add up fast, and it may be wiser to just invest in roof replacement.

3. Lost Warranty & Insurance Coverage

After around 25 years, the manufacturer’s warranty will expire on most asphalt roof shingle products. And if a roof is deemed in need or replacing and you don’t replace it in time, your homeowner’s insurance company may not cover it in the same way as a new roof.

You may be able to get a discount on your monthly insurance premiums for installing new roofing as well, though this varies with the exact situation and from insurer to insurer.

4. Accident & Liability Risks

Worn-down roofing is much more likely to become a liability hazard than newer roofing. If shingles fall off and hit someone, if shingles slip while someone is walking on them, or should any number of other accidents occur, you could be liable.

Getting injured yourself, seeing a family member or friend suffer an injury, or becoming liable for the injury of a visitor on your property are all real risks. These risks increase substantially when roofing is no longer within its safe and useful lifespan.

5. An Ongoing Eye Sore

Poor aesthetics are yet another problem caused by over-due roofing. The singles may look “spotty,” may have lost most of their granules, and be badly faded. There may even be missing or loose shingles, moss or algae growth, or areas where the roof is bubbling up or curling over.

Curb appeal isn’t everything – but it’s something, at least. No one wants to be known in the local neighborhood as the family that lives in the “eyesore” on the block!

6. Roof Deck Decay

Oftentimes, the longer you wait, the more expensive and involved a repair will get. This is true with roofing as with other things. As your water barrier no longer works like it should, this allows moisture to build up under the shingles. In turn, this can lead to roof deck material and rafters rotting out or warping after soaking up too much water.

When brand new roofing is installed, any damage to the roof deck will be repaired at the same time. Quality underlayment will also be laid down to give added protection.

7. Loss of “Peace of Mind”

Last but certainly not least, you have to think about how stressful it can be to live in a house where the roof is not reliable anymore. Every time it rains or gets windy out, you have to be worried about a leak or about shingles blowing off.

When it gets to the point you can’t just relax and not even think about what your roofing is doing, that’s when you probably need new roofing!

Making the decision on when to have roof replacement done isn’t easy. There are many factors involved, and you don’t want to move too soon. But, truth be told, it’s far worse to make the move all too late.

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