Roofer Red Flags: How To Avoid Choosing The Wrong Roofing Contractor

It’s no surprise that your roof is crucial to your home, but it’s especially important here in Central Florida. With rough weather on the horizon each Atlantic hurricane season, it’s essential to make sure your roof is ready for whatever nature can throw at it. That means you need to have a trusted Central Florida roofer’s number.

Luckily, Central Florida has been spared direct hits from hurricanes in many of the past ten years. But even a Category 1 hurricane or tropical depression can lead to storm damage. If your roof springs a leak, you’ll need roof repair right away to ensure problems don’t spread.

Issues with the roof are about more than the roof itself. For example, if you have water infiltration throughout your structure, you could end up with mold. Some forms of mold are extremely hazardous to human health, and not all insurance policies cover mold mitigation – but you can lose your policy if your roof is too old!

So, you need a roofer.

But not just any Central Florida roofer will do.

You need a real roofing contractor.

What’s the Difference Between a Roofer and a Central Florida Roofing Contractor?

It’s perfectly okay to use the word “roofer” when you’re searching for a Central Florida roofer near me. After all, everyone knows what you mean. But when you want to make sure you’re getting the best professional service, then there is a difference you need to be aware of.

Some “roofers” are just local handymen who may do other jobs around the neighborhood like lawn care or clog removal. There’s nothing wrong with those things, of course, but they don’t mean someone is ready and able to handle roof problems in Central Florida. Most likely, they don’t have the credentials.

Florida is one of the biggest states in the United States when it comes to roofing scams. Fake roofers tend to go door to door, especially after there’s a major storm. They prey on people who are desperate for immediate help and won’t question their qualifications too closely. That’s why it’s key to do the research right now.

To make a long story short:

  • A “roofer” is often someone who does a little bit of everything, and might sometimes be a scammer
  • A “Central Florida roofing contractor” has the experience, skills, and credentials to get the job done

The biggest thing you can do to avoid Florida roofing scams is to never take roofing service from somebody who is going door to door. That will eliminate 90% of the worst offenders when it comes to sub-standard roofing here in Florida. But there can also be roofers with good intentions who aren’t up to the task.

So, how can you tell when you should pass on a roofer or roofing contractor?

Look Out for These Red Flags When Choosing a Central Florida Roofing Contractor

Over the years, we’ve helped customers like you watch out for these red flags and stay safe:

1. Payment for Roofing Services in Cash

Cash payment for a major service around the home is never legitimate.

First and foremost, it means that the transaction isn’t traceable. A roofer might promise you the moon, but it is just as likely that they’ll walk away without providing anything of value. While you can file a police report, the wheels of justice grind exceedingly slowly when it comes to roofing scams.

In many cases, these con artists simply leave town.

What if you’re dealing with someone who actually intends to do roof repair or roof replacement? Well, paying in cash still leaves you at a huge disadvantage. It means that your “roofer” is probably planning to go out to the local hardware store and pick up shingles or other roofing materials at retail cost.

For a professional roofing job, that just doesn’t make sense.

A professional roofing contractor in Central Florida has established relationships with roofing manufacturers so they can get high-quality roofing materials at lower prices. For instance, Sheegog Contracting is a GAF Certified Master Elite Roofing Contractor, enabling us to access great GAF products and pass the savings on to you.

Those relationships are about more than price.

Not only do you save money, but you can also benefit from manufacturer warranties that roofers without that certification – even if they are otherwise legitimate – can’t offer. That could make a substantial difference if you’re recovering from storm damage in the future.

2. No Website or Customer Reviews

We get it – a website isn’t everything. And some websites are just bad.

But a roofing contractor’s reputation is what makes it possible to grow their business. And without a website, so many of those efforts go to waste that it’s hard to believe any legitimate Central Florida roofer wouldn’t make a modest investment in a website, even if it’s not the most impressive one you’ve ever seen.

You should also look at outside websites where customers leave reviews.

Sheegog Contracting is accredited with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, one of America’s oldest and most trusted organizations for leaving verified reviews and getting help with business disputes. We also have a 5/5 customer rating on the BBB website (with 15 reviews) and 5/5 on Angie’s List (with 16 reviews.)

We’re especially proud of our 5/5 rating on Google Reviews with 148 reviews.

Every once in a while, you might run into a fake review – positive or negative. Some websites make it easier than others for people, including competitors, to leave false reviews. But whenever you need to check out a roofing contractor’s bona fides, you should use these resources and check out the trends.

3. Cagey Answers About Licensure and Insurance

You can look up Florida roofing contractor licenses online in just a few clicks.

A legitimate roofing contractor has nothing to hide when it comes to their basic credentials, including insurance they carry to make sure you’re not on the hook for accidents while the work is getting done. If they’re trying to play games with you, they probably don’t even realize you can look it up yourself.

4. Poor Customer Service or Project Management

At Sheegog Contracting, we’ve developed our five-step roofing process to make life easier for all our customers. After all, roofing isn’t just about roofing: It’s also about all the steps involved in getting the job done (project management) and the support you receive along the way (customer care).

Our process means you always know what’s coming next. You get the full scope of work and schedule in writing. Then, you have direct access to your own dedicated roofing project manager from start to end. It’s that simple.

If a “roofer” takes forever to get back to you or doesn’t seem interested in answering your questions when you call, they won’t get better after they have the job. And that’s a red flag.

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